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How Do You See and Treat Cancer Patients in Naturopathic Oncology

How Do You See and Treat Cancer Patients in Naturopathic Oncology

Naturopathy is a system based on the prevention and treatment of disease by not harming the body, by using natural means and employing techniques that come from nature. The number one priority is to diagnose and treat the disease as well as the patient. In Naturopathy treating a disease is considered a Healing Art which means the doctor must combine experience, wisdom, intuition and knowledge and offer the best treatment and remedies that may cure his patient. Naturopathy is universally recognized as a form of medicine thus the term Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Physician requires a 4-5 year curriculum in a recognized college of Naturopathy, but real life experience and knowledge can only found within each practitioner and does not come from schooling alone.

It takes years and even decades before you can really understand what cancer means and treat cancer patients with success. Even after 50 years I am still learning. Whenever I have a cancer patient in front of me my mind immediately reacts to classify him from several aspects: First his age, appearance, physical condition. Then I study his eyes and look to understand his behavior. Women are usually under high stress and psychic shock from their first diagnostic, then surgery and worse going to chemotherapy. Usually there are three different phases of heavy stress without much comfort received during medical consultation and during the buildup of the conventional anti-cancer protocol. With most cancer patients I need to spend more time with emotional and even spiritual priorities since they are feeling lost and afraid to die. I always take the time to influence them positively and teach them that he should be the winner and not the loser. We give them appropriate writings to read that help to accept their condition and feel confident.

Then when you have in hand all the medical reports, the next step for me is to understand why the patient has a cancer, what is the hereditary condition, constitution, organ body functions etc... You cannot only see cancer as a cellular disease since other factors are probably associated and we know that terrain plays a key role the same as the nervous system, the liver and the colon. A bad nervous system is always negative for the patient since it reduces the capacity of the body to fight and it increases the risk of metastases spread. I confirm this with Iridology and sometimes perform a brain chemistry analysis to profile the neurotransmitters.

The state of body's intoxication is also important to monitor. I always use a very interesting approach with the science of Iridology or iris examination, a science that I mastered over the past 50 years having devoted considerable time in order to detect the various signs associated with cancer profiles. I even developed a breast cancer iris profile chart to memorize what the iris can show.

Afterwards I take a Live Blood Microscopy Analysis to profile the nutritional status of the patient, oxidative stress condition, any abnormal condition such as oxidized lipids, platelet aggregation, fungal and bacterial invasion which are often visible in the blood of a cancer patient. We have to remember diagnosed cancer patients always suffer from malnutrition, bowel dysfunction and often a bad nervous system as observed in their iris, which indeed is reflected in the Live Blood Analysis observation. We also use the oxidative dried blood test that to me is very important to define the inflammation stage of the disease.

I spent 38 years perfecting this test that I detail in my new book, Health and Disease Begin in the Colon. For each patient I administer a physical and psychological assessment questionnaire with a score ranging from 0 to 5, which are applied to different questions regarding pain, fatigue, appetite , anxiety etc..

We then have three basic important approaches to the disease and the patient. Next comes the molecular markers testing suggested for patients, especially the P53 tumor suppressor gene for a eventual mutation of the P53 gene which is associated with every step of tumor growth and metastasis invasion, and other pro-apoptotic and anti-apoptotic players. Here we just look at the cell, the Cellular cycle and know exactly the about the activity of genes and oncogenes. It serves as a diagnostic, prognostic and follow up of the treatment. Now we have a full picture of the disease and patient condition, nutritional need, emotional behavior where we can start a personalized treatment since each patient's condition is different from another, especially at the molecular level and their unique terrain.

We advise the patient about the anticancer diet he needs to follow. In this case food acts as medicine. Over the past 50 years I developed a number of

Dr. Jurasunas with a long term patient and her children

diets based on my study, experience and results obtained with my patients. Little by little you find what combination of food is best. In the beginning I learned nutrition, detox and cancer diet from Dr. Bernard Jensen and Max Gerson, as well as other pioneers, starting during 1964-1967. I was mainly influenced by Bernard Jensen and later found out about the work of Dr. Max Gerson. This is the way I started, later on going to Germany to learn about food that can reactivate cellular respiration. Over the past few years I have done intensive study focusing on a variety of natural bioactive agents, vegetables, fruits, herbal teas that have been extensively studied for their chemopreventive and targeting properties on a cellular level inducing apoptosis,blocking up angiogenesis, decreasing inflammatory mediators and stimulating the immune system. BcL2 for instance is an oncogene usually over-expressed in most cancers and responsible for cancer cell resistance to apoptosis and chemotherapy. You can use a wide range of bioactive agents such as curcumin, resveratrol, apigenin, green propolis, Maitake, ginseng, and fish peptides that target most of the genes and even may reactivate mutant P53 to normal function. Rice bran arabynoxilan (RBAC) from bran rice extract (Biobran) is one compound that I have used over 20 years which acts as a strong Biological Response Modifier activating NK cells, dendritic cells and stimulation of macrophages for example. NK cells in cancer patients are usually activated to 10-30% of their capacity compared to a healthy person. Biobran reactivates the production of the enzymes perforin and granzymes that directly kill cancer cells. I have published several of my lectures where I explain in detail the anticancer property of Biobran. Shark cartilage molecules are very efficient in shrinking tumors by blocking off the tumor's vascularization. Of course we use other anticancer agents like the Tegaran compound that targets the cancer cell cycle in every direction. The aim of our treatment is first to increase the resistance of the patient to chemotherapy side effects, to maximize response to chemotherapy and obtain a much better result. The patient may need some support for his nervous tension, anxiety and here supplementation may really help.

The bedrock of my method is always based upon the intake of enzyme yeast cell preparation made from fresh yeast that contains all the ingredients that our body needs, especially to regenerate mitochondrial function, increase energy level and body resistance. See my lecture, “The Clinical Evidence of Cellular Respiration in the Treatment of Cancer”, published in the Townsend Letter magazine.

Sometimes I will prescribe the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) to boost energy and fight severe anemia from chemotherapy. Sometimes it may even save life of patients, I have several examples. This also supports the nutritional needs of cancer patients and modifies blood status as observed with the LBA. We cannot forget detoxification and on this level, enzyme yeast cells and chlorella seem the perfect combination. Currently I am writing a course on immunonutrition including Detox, to be made available for doctors. My new book, Health and Disease Begin in the Colon Featuring Prof. Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine, offers full details on the detoxification methods I have used over several decades. I especially included a chapter about enzyme yeast cell and chlorella extract along with special protocols. I feel this is truly what we call Naturopathic Oncology. My first article, “Orthomolecular Treatment on Cancer” published in the Townsend Letter in February, 1999, was the first introduction in the US to the theory of Otto Warburg and Paul Seeger on cellular respiration and the enzyme yeast cells preparation. Now one finds that in every corner of cancer alternative medicine, there is the question of mitochondrial and cellular respiration.

Of course we can follow up the result of the treatment to see if it really works from a scientific standpoint by performing a new molecular markers testing after 2 months of treatment. This is what I have been doing with most of my patients over the past decade. Sometimes we follow up on our patients with such testing for a one year or even a 2 year period or longer. This is a follow up protocol where we can always change something in the patient's treatment. The first thing I work with is the P53 tumor suppressor gene and mutated P53 in patient with resistant cancer cells. I managed to develop a treatment that reverses the mutation which was my first victory published in the Townsend Letter.

Therefore I introduced in my treatment a method that belongs to molecular medicine associated with Naturopathic methods which really may be considered Naturopathic Oncology. But patients can continue to take the other tests I mentioned every few months, but usually they all start to feel better. We even have seen multiple large secondary lesions to the lung, liver and ganglions reduced up to 80% after 3 months of treatment, and an 18 cm stomach tumor eliminated without surgery from our applied treatment as a support to chemotherapy. There are so many other examples that show how we can obtain a much better result, increasing chemotherapy effectiveness by increasing apoptosis,immune surveillance and by targeting angiogenesis, of course treating other side of the patient as detox, bowel function etc. Some of my patients treated some 15-20-30 years ago are still thriving today, feeling healthy with no recurrence. This includes breast, colon, stomach cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma. If you look in my book you will find detailed information. I especially offer real life examples, (many illustrated) of cancer patients that I have treated during my career.

This is never easy since your patient is not only a tumor, but a human being that often suffers and fights for his or her life. Sometimes the patient is more difficult to handle than the disease itself and it takes considerable time. Much of ones energy is devoted to trying to help the patient and change his behavior and attitude where often I obtained success. One day I decided to create a Mind-Body Institute in my clinic and set up monthly meetings with a group of cancer patients, offering helpful lectures. My patients in remission, already in good health were presenting their own successful cases describing their own fight telling how they overcame their cancer disease which motivated and often helped newcomers, sometimes desperate. This became a real success

How to treat cancer from a Naturopathic Oncology viewpoint probably needs a higher level in the way to approach the patient, to understand what cancer is from every point of view, cellular as well as the whole body so as especially build up an individualized protocol that includes anticancer agents that have demonstrated strong efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo in both animal and human models. For instance Biobran can enter into this category having been well documented over the past twenty years.

My book serves as a bridge between Naturopathy and Molecular medicine and of course it is also based on Iridology since I also have spent several decades on the iris examination of cancer patients. Besides this information I also present a series of very interesting iris cases related to cancer disease.

Looking into the iris gives you a good idea about your patient, his genetic status and often why there is a cancer. I manage to associate iridology and molecular markers testing so here you really have a bridge from Hippocrates to cellular theory explaining how the cells and work both empirically but additionally based on scientific factual observation.

My latest article in Townsend Letter of January 2017, “Health and Disease by Iris Examination”, is well illustrated and serves as a real guide explaining the advantages of Iridology which to me should be included in a course on Naturopathic Oncology.

Serge Jurasunas

Professor of Naturopathic Oncology.

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Serge Jurasunas N.D. MD (Hom)

A message from Professor Jurasunas:

I am a researcher, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Oncology. I have spent the last 50 years as practitioner, teacher, writer of several books, papers and articles mostly published in the US and have delivered conference presentations in some 45 countries. To me health is a very important issue in our life. We have to better understand our body, how it works, what it needs and what food is best. How can you know about your body, how can you know whether or not if you are healthy ?

Disease is one thing on which the actual medical system is concentrated. Today our whole planet is sick and health remains practically unknown. I spent all my life searching for all the possible ways to discover the nature of the human being, meaning body-mind-spirit and today we have some proof that emotion is associated with certain diseases.

Iridology which I present in my book is really a science that permits us to penetrate in the whole body through the observation of the iris which is what I have done over the last 50 years. There is no way to be mistaken. Yes, I realize that health and disease begin in the colon, where I was one of the first to establish the relationship between the microbiome and the brain, to speak about our second brain as well as the association between the gut and neurological disease, which I observed in the iris of my patients.

"My book, Health and Disease Begin in the Colon" is an English update to my first Portuguese book with the same tittle published 15 years ago, where I mentioned the relationship between intestinal bacteria and Parkinson's disease. I upgraded the book with many new chapters and introduced new science such as the application of molecular markers in cancer diagnosis as well as the connection between chronic constipation and breast cancer.

My article, A Naturopathic Approach to Breast Cancer, which was first published in 2003, in the Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine remains very popular and reprinted on many sites on the Internet.

I was lucky to have met Dr.Bernard Jensen the greatest nutritionist and iridologist of the last century, a real pioneer, a intellect and philosopher, a spiritual man and writer who become my mentor and my good friend, who taught me all the secrets of nature and of the Healing Arts. I write about this story in the book and how we met in 1962 in Los Angeles.

This is also what I am writing about in my book, in a language and style similar to Dr.Jensen's, being so easy to understand and really it makes me happy when I can write about my life and share my experiences with patients and how this has beneficially impacted their own lives. Teaching is also very important, to tell people that they need to be closer to nature and not take only pharmaceutical drugs. We may find some errors in our genome but one day you realize that disease is also a problem associated with our way of living and dietary style.

I have met and treated great people during my professional life from Ambassadors to Hollywood movie actors, European movie actors, Kings, Princes, Chiefs of State and each one was confronted with health problems and was looking for someone to advise them what to do. The life and examples of many of my patients, including the ones presented in my book and the notable people I treated can easily be the project of a future book.
Certainly I will spend time to write more articles and probably a few more books but in meantime this part of my work is available already in Amazon Author Central. More presentations may found on and of course on my own web site:

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Further Studies:

M.D. (Indigenous Medicine) International Open University (under the
regulation of the Minister of Indigenous Medicine) Colombo – Sri Lanka – 1985
Appointed Professor of Metabolic Diseases and Cancer (Open International
University for Complementary Medicine – Sri Lanka – 1987
Accreditation: Serge Jurasunas was registered as certified Naturopathic
Physician by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification x Accreditation
Board (USA) and Homeopathic Physician by the Florida State Board of
Homeopathic Examiners.

Biographical information:

Serge Jurasunas is a true pioneer of Naturopathic Medicine, an innovative
doctor who spent over 45 years in research, clinical practice, and
development around the world. In 1963, while residing in California, he met
the renowned Dr. Bernard Jensen of Escondido, who had greatly inspired his
life to become a Naturopath and teach people how to be healthier. Returning
to Europe he went to Germany and discovered the new theory of cancer and
mitochondria based upon the cellular respiration theory of Nobel laureate, Dr.
Otto Warburg.

He soon showed great interest in treating cancer, from the basis of targeting
mitochondria using special small molecules and enzymes integral to cellular
respiration. Earlier in his practice he developed a great interest in the Science
of Iridology, where he went on to become one of the world’s leading
specialists. Nutrition, detox, and herbal medicine are among of his best fields
of interest. In 1979 he started to developed the oxidative dried blood test and
in 1983, he began using Live Blood Analysis, developed by his late friend Dr.
Robert Bradford one of the founders of Capital University of Integrative
Medicine, in Washington D.C. where Dr. Serge Jurasunas was appointed as
University Professor. In 1978, Dr. Serge Jurasunas opened his own clinic in
Lisbon, Portugal. He traveled world-wide to deliver lectures, organized
seminars and International Congress conferences.

He frequently participates in many of the most important International and
European conferences on Alternative Medicine, Anti-Aging, Oxidative Stress,
Iridology, and Complementary Oncology.

In 2006, he was invited by the Vilnius University (Lithuania), Faculty of
Medicine to lecture on “New Avenues for Treatment in Oncology”. In 2002, he
was invited to lecture at the International Symposium on Reactive Oxygen and
Nitrogen Species: Diagnostic, Preventive and Therapeutic Value, held in St.
Petersburg, Russia. This Symposium was organized jointly, by the Research
Institute for Physical – Chemical Medicine, Moscow and the University of
Pittsburg (PA), USA. Recently, Professor Jurasunas has been invited annually
to speak at the 3rd World Congress on Molecular Markers – 2013, in China.

Research Interests:

Professor Jurasunas is an internationally recognized authority in
Complementary Cancer Treatment, Iridology, Oxidative Dried Blood Testing,
and recently Molecular Markers Testing. He has authored over 150 scientific
papers, lectures, books and articles in various specialized magazines such as
The Townsend Letter (US) for the past 14 years including Germany, Japan and
China. Dr. Serge Jurasunas’ research is now published in 14 languages around
the world including Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese. He developed a new
method to target mutant P53 genes, called PSJ.53 therapy, where the first
studies were published in The Townsend Letter.

Holiterapias Institute:

For over 38 years, Serge Jurasunas has directed this world renowned Institute
of Naturopathic Medicine and Complementary Oncology, focusing both true
naturopathic methodology, terrain based philosophy, detox, and nutrition,
together with biological medicine, using the most-up to date methods to treat
chronic and degenerative disease. In many areas of medicine, he is recognized
as a visionary doctor 10-15 years ahead of the CAM community. He treats the
patient’s body along with the mind and spirit, to achieve a high success rate
with the disease of cancer. Some exclusive and innovative diagnostic and
treatments are part of his success he obtains with patients. This includes
Molecular Marker Testing that not only targets various genes, but is used to
follow up with personalized treatment. Molecular Marker testing is used
further, for prevention, diagnosis and prognosis.

Professional memberships:

World Society of Anti-Aging
American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Naturopathic Medical Association
New York Academy of Sciences
Society of Integrative Oncology
Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Titular member of the Homeopathic Medical College Del Atl√°ntico – Colombia

Awards and accomplishments:

Silver Medal of Research and Invention (France-1979 – by the French Academy)
Academia Della Scienza Di Roma – 1981 – Academician of merit
Accademia Internazional Di Poutzen – Art - Letter Sciences Academician – 1982
Grand Academic Gold Collar for Scientific merit - 1983 and 1989
The Esculape Gold Medal for medical Research 1998
International Accademy of Lutece – Paris – France – 1986
Gold Medal of Merit in Scientific Field, the Dag Hammarskjöld Award in the
Field of Medical Research – 1983
The Netherland Laureate of Labour Decoration (Nertherland Laureate Van de
Arber) – Created by the late King of Belgium Albert I)
Honorary Dean, Romania Institute for Biological Sciences – Member of Honor
The Ancient Royal Order of Physicians – Colombo – Sri Lanka – 1992
Former Patron of the International Guild of Natural Medicine Practitioners
Former Chairman of the International Institute for Research on Metabolic
Disease and Cancer
Professor Jurasunas set up the 1st International Symposium on the Entire View
on Cancer – Athens – Greece – 1988
University lecturer – Vilnius University – Lithuania
Professor of Metabolic Disease and Cancer – Open International University for
Complementary Medicine – Colombo – Sri Lanka – 1987
More recently he was appointed as member of the Advisory Board of the New
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Therapies

Chivalric Order:

Knight Commander of the Sovereign and Military Order of St. Brigitte of
Knight Commander of the Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of

Dr. Serge Jurasunas is Knight Grand Cross, Bailiff and elected the 76th Grand
Master of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knight of Malta
created in 1048, one of the oldest orders in the world.

As Grand Master, Dr. Serge Jurasunas serves as the spiritual leader of the
Order, assists in the initiation of new Knights during ceremonies. In the
Order’s publication, he authors articles on religion, spirituality, values,
and science.