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Women Living in Fear of Their Cancer

Lately I've been confronted more than ever with middle aged women breast cancer patients in a stage of fear and anxiety after having totally accepted any barbaric surgery, long term chemotherapy and radiation without thinking of the eventual consequences often resulting in little or no benefit. As mentioned by Dr. Arnold Burstein of Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute many women think, “If I don't get chemotherapy I'm certainly going to die, but if I get chemo I'm going to be cured”. Usually the benefit turns out to be little or even none. Subsequently there's a greater risk of metastasis diffusion, secondary cancer recurrence and death at the end. This is what I often witness in my clinic with these poor women coming in with more metastasis and in recurrence who continue to experiment with even more chemotherapy.

One day I told one such patient, “If the chemotherapy didn't cure you the first time why you think it will cure you now?” We have never seen a case of breast cancer recurrence with metastasis to the liver, bones, lungs having ever been cured by chemotherapy. Yet Oncologists proclaim that it's only their treatment can cure cancer.

Well, let's tell the truth, today no one is speaking of cure but only of stopping tumor progression even without a decrease in size. This is considered a success because it may prolong the patient's life, how about that ! We are still quite far from, 'THE CURE IS AT OUR DOOR, CANCER WILL BE SOON CURED' as is often reported by the media.

We are looking at the cancer and the treatment of cancer in the wrong direction. Since medicine first discovered that the poisonous mustard gas used during WWI and especially WWII could be toxic to tumors, they started to use it as a heavy toxic weapon in lieu of using any other treatment. This move by Oncology to use a weapon that was supposed to kill the tumor has instead brought tragic consequences for the patient while at the same time it became an enormous industry with huge financial profits. In fact cancer become the most profitable sector for the pharmaceutical industry with a probable turnover in excess of over 500 billion dollars per year.

I first want to say that chemotherapy is not selective. After being injected in the vein it becomes a poison for the entire body while chemotherapy by itself is also carcinogenic. However the tragedy is that since that day medical doctors see and worry only about the tumor as the cancer disease, they have little or no consideration for other approaches but especially for the patient. One doctor wrote in an article, “We learn how to treat disease but not to understand the suffering of the patient.” Cancer is far from being only a localized disease which must be destroyed by any possible means. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation focus only on the tumor but we also have to look the body, mind and spirit as a whole. 

Some patients but especially breast cancer patients may have what I call a “BREAST CANCER PROFILE” meaning they are very nervous and emotional people, having a bad colon and a disturbed microbiome. We not only have our second brain associated with disturbed brain function, but we also have the relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. A new Science is called psychoneuroimmunology. Today the connection between the Brain and Immunity is well documented and shows how the hypothalamus plays a key role in the emotional response to stress. There also is a relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. I have spent over 20 years observing breast cancer patient irises and have built a special chart showing the corresponding iris signs. What you really see is a collarette going in a zig-zag pattern, mostly inflamed, accentuated in the brain area, the spleen, the thymus and often entering into the mammary zone. So it really shows the: Breast + Nervous System + Colon axis (but also other cancers such ovarian, for instance). Frequently these patients are very emotional and can be depressed, anxious, afraid to die and willing to accept anything the medical doctors say but most often will not consider showing herself how to take responsibility and actively pursue something different. Others are divided between accepting conventional medicine and trying some alternative but keep to their traditional profile where the outcome is not always the best. That being said I feel that iridology is very helpful to monitor the overall condition and profile of the patient, but very rarely do doctors working with cancer ever use Iridology as a diagnostic tool, which is too bad being very important (See my article, “Health and Disease by Iridology Examination” or for an even better understanding read my book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”).

I recently had a case of a middle age woman that during pregnancy was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer. She submitted to a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy which indeed didn't save her since metastasis had now been diagnosed in the ganglions with secondary nodules. She then went back for more chemotherapy which as we know was certainly not the solution. However she was very emotional and would hardly ever really change, which I realized after 2 consultations. This is a tragic case of a mother of 3 children but here we have a real world example of a breast cancer profile where we have to spend more time to speak to her so that she needs to adopt a better attitude to not be a loser, to offer better understanding explaining that we can help but 50% of the results is in her hands no matter how long it will take. I decided to give her an injectable Hypothalamus treatment (from live cells), 2 ampules twice per week over a 2 week duration together with melatonin which down-regulates the hypothalamus reducing the production of estrogen but also balances the nervous system. Such patients always show not only a very low level of melatonin, but a clinician also needs to look for candida invasion which was the case with this patient. Her Live Blood Analysis really showed enormous colonies of candida after taking 3 chemotherapy treatments, an indication of a major decrease in immune cell activity. Candida produces toxins that greatly disturb the immune system and favor mutation of the P53 tumor suppressor gene.

I always use hypothalamus i.m for very emotional patients with various health problems and it really works very well. She may get better where we can let her body fight the disease, especially with her immune cells.

Lately I came across an article called, 'New Molecular Marker Could Predict if Breast Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy', but the truth was it presented only the BcL2 gene, more of an oncogene that increases survival of cancer cells and resistance to treatment. I am very familiar with BcL2 having used it for about 12 years in my patient blood testing. The article mentions that BcL2 retains its ability to predict whether chemotherapy will be beneficial in the short term or long term, even when a cancer recurs many years later.

Wonderful! Since this is what I already have been doing, what I see looking at the test results with my patients who often show high overexpressed BcL2 thus no benefit from chemotherapy. The problem being this concept is simply not understood by patients and even by most Oncologists. I have been doing complete molecular markers testing including P53, BcL2, Bax, Survivin, P21 where we have have here some independent cancer makers that also serve as a diagnostic, prognosis and treatment follow up. Personally speaking I feel all alone with little understanding even when making lectures in congresses and seminars.

However over the years I have been able to select natural dietary compounds that simply target such genes which I can always observe and verify via the blood testing of my patients. This explains why they get more benefit from just chemotherapy. Now with such breast cancer patients we can mention once again the case of the double mastectomy patient who showed an overexpressed BcL2 and survivin. Her prognosis initially indicated that if her treatment could not decrease their activity she will suffer from more metastasis in the future. I am waiting to see her second test results. Other such patients usually have mutated P53 protein which has consequences from the poor chemotherapy results. One of my breast cancer patients, a medical doctor entered into a state of panic after completing her blood testing where I was obliged to have stern words saying, 'You are not a child to act like that'. I heard she decided to practice some yoga which offers a positive attitude that will help her.

Now coming back to my double mastectomy patient, not even a month had passed when we found my treatment reduced metastasis in the ganglions and the secondary nodules so I expect to see an improvement in her second blood testing. Some breast cancer patients are winners from the beginning and others are losers. This example shows the big difference, which is not always a question of chemotherapy treatment or complementary treatment but rather a question of genetic profile, mind and hereditary condition.

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