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September, 2017 - Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa)


In September, 2017 Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) in recognition of his work in the field of Alternative Medicine, along with his unique contributions to medical science having developed Live Blood Analysis, Oxidative Dried Blood Testing and innovations in the science of Iridology. Recently in the field of molecular medicine he created a bridge between the 2 medicines and contributed to the development of a new paradigm in patient treatment in the field of Integrative Oncology and nutrition. His research in the clinical application of molecular markers came about as a result of having treated cancer patients for over 4 decades, developing new protocols. 

Professor Serge Jurasunas with Honorius Causa Degree

The following accomplishments led up the conferring this honorary degree as a true pioneer in the field of Integrative Oncology:

Dr. Jurasunas has traveled to more than 40 countries to both organize, participate and teach at numerous conferences having authored numerous scientific articles, over 150 papers and 7 books, and being a frequent contributor to The Townsend Letter magazine led to the receipt of the diploma of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) awarded by the President of Pan American University, the honorable Prof. Charles Mc William in recognition of all the work and accomplishments achieved by Dr. Jurasunas in over half a century.

Serge Jurasunas had been previously honored several times during his 50 year career having received the degree of Doctor of Indigenous Medicine from the Minister of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka where he spent time to teach and to work in the Hospital of Colombo.

In November 1996 he was appointed a Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. in recognition of all his work and teaching, his research and clinical practice in the field of cancer and for his contributions to the development of medical microscopy and iridology.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his practice and research an additional special honor was recently given him for his contribution to the development of Integrative Medicine and Oncology and his practice with patients in his Lisbon clinic.

Lifetime Achievement Award

During the 18th Annual Iridology and Integrative Health Care Congress 2017, held in Orlando, Florida Serge Jurasunas was honored with the Life Achievement Award conferred on him by Dr. David Pesek N.D., PhD., President of the International College of Iridology, during a special ceremony. One other special award, which was unexpected, was also conferred on Professor Serge Jurasunas for his major contributions in the field of cancer treatment and research especially for devoting his life to the fight against cancer, devoting his time and energy to serving his patients. Serge Jurasunas' clinical experience lasted over a 50 year span, where he treated cancer patients with all types and grades, yet he also devoted considerable time by educating them in ways to better accept and fight this disease. It was not a easy task and he devoted considerable time and energy.

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Professor Serge Jurasunas by Dr. David J. Pesek

This was the supreme honor bestowed upon him to celebrate his entire life which was dedicated not only to treating disease, teaching and conducting research but also in spreading the philosophy and principles of Natural Medicine throughout the world.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida

18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida.

Pan Am School of Medicine Confers Upon Serge Jurasunas the Degree of doctor of Medicine (Honorious Causa); Speech of Serge Jurasunas Upon Being Presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International College of Iridology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Dr. Pesek:

First I am deeply honored to have been presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, surely a special day in my life. Most of you in this audience do not know me but I am well known in US in other areas of Alternative Medicine and Integrative Oncology from my frequent articles published not only in US but other countries like Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Belgium and more.

I start practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor and Iridologist back in 1967 in Montreal Canada where I opened my first consulting office after having been invited during a TV program to speak about Iridology and to show some iris case photos. Probably not even the TV journalist who invited me could have imagined the reaction of the public and the hundreds of phone calls they received to ask for my phone and contact information. At the time Iridology was unknown in Montreal and no doctors were practicing this method. It was a different period back then with no internet, little information where we were obliged to practice empirical methods using the Healing Power of Nature as our medicine. Iridology was one possible way of diagnosis.

At that time my knowledge was limited by what I had learned from the nutritional method and Iridology teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen, which offered a basis of how to approach and treat disease. Of course at the same time I was taking a course of Naturopathy at the only government registered College existing in Quebec called, Le College des Naturopathes du Quebec. Later on upon returning to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine in South Africa and graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.

Why and how I entered into this new world, this conception of nutritional food was all new to me in my youth. While I was living in Los Angeles this by itself was a most interesting experience in my life, but it was not a coincidence as I am going to explain since it totally changed my whole life.


A couple of years after my arrival in Los Angeles I began to feel strong nervous tension, depression and the problem of weaker vision. After consulting a neurologist, he found nothing wrong with me and suggested that I should consult a psychiatric doctor which I refused. At that time one of my neighbors was a French Lady who lived over 20 years in India and developed colon cancer. She was treated only with a Nature Cure with a famous Naturopath at his clinic. She totally recovered and decided to stay and work in the clinic. At that time in Los Angeles she was on strict diet, eating mostly raw food, drinking plenty of vegetable juice, taking sitz baths and enemas. This was all new to me, not making much sense at least in the beginning. One day I asked her what should I do? OK she said, I know a good doctor, I am working in his consulting office over the week end and can ask him to see you. He is a doctor of Natural living, which seemed very strange to me, but I thought, OK why not!

This is the way I met Dr. Bernard Jensen who diagnosed his patients through the iris of their eyes, a science called Iridology. This is precisely what he had done with me and proceeded to explain what wrong with me and what I should do to recover my health. He spoke about nutrition, gave me a prescription of vitamins, supplements, food diet and some recipes for vegetable juice cocktails. I also bought at his office his book, “Vital Food for Total Health” to start to become acquainted with nutrition and see how I could cook my new food.


I felt enthusiastic about Dr Jensen . I also bought another book from Dr. Jensen, “The Science and Practice of Iridology”, that I started to read immediately. I also began to change my dietary style. Having been fascinated by Dr. Jensen and interested in his work, he subsequently invited me to come along with him to Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California not far from the Mont Palomar. The purpose was for me to see for myself, directly observing how patients can recover their health with Dr. Jensen's Natural Medicine and Nutrition. In fact Hidden Valley Health Ranch was essentially a very big clinic for patients equipped with bedrooms and land for growing organic vegetables and fruits. Patients were treated only with natural therapies, nutrition, fasting, colon therapies, juice therapy, chiropractic,some medical devices, detox and additionally a wide range of vitamins, minerals, tonics of Dr. Jensen's own formulation.


I stayed several times at Hidden Valley Health Ranch, observing and learning from living patients treated in front of me where I could follow day after day how they recovered only as a result of Natural Healing. Absolutely fantastic! Then Dr. Jensen had me stay by his side during his iris observation of patients. He explain what he saw, what was the problem with a particular patient and what he may need to improve and recover. I started to draw with color pencils a virgin chart of the iris signs found by Dr. Jensen associating them with symptoms or organic dysfunction. This process drove me directly to understand the vital importance of Iridology if we want to truly practice Naturopathy.

It was during this time that I decided this will be my life's work and planned what would be required for future study. I planned to take a Naturopathic course which was in fact the advice I received from Dr. Jensen. Thus I made the decision to move to Quebec, Canada where I could study more easily under the French language. Later upon my return to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine, having been most interested in its theory and practice so I went to South Africa for a course at the government approved Homeopathic College of South Africa and graduated as Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.


I had been reading many health books from pioneers like Arnold Ehret, Mac Fadden, Tilden and Paul Bragg. Then one day I found a book called, “ A Cancer Therapy - Result of 50 Cases,” by Dr. Max Gerson. Reading this book opened my mind about the nature of cancer disease, especially how it could be treated. Both doctors Jensen and Max Gerson were using large quantities of vegetable juices for their patients. However Dr. Jensen was not treating cancer, but only some exceptional cases.

Although my practice was successful I was not satisfied because of the weak knowledge in Iridology, mostly limited to Dr. Jensen's book. I felt I should investigate more and learn more about this science. Also my mind began to be think more and more about what is cancer and also how to treat this disease, although at the time I found Dr. Max Gerson's book to be quite impressive.

I then decided to close up my practice in Quebec and return to Europe, mainly to Germany to obtain more knowledge about Iridology with some of the masters such Joseph Deck, then one of the great Iridologists and also to know more about cancer. I met some German researchers, and doctors such Paul Seeger, a student of Otto Warburg who was working with cancer associating cancer with the theory of cellular respiration and mitochondrial function which today increasingly attracts more scientific inquiry to research the real cause of cancer outside the myth of DNA cell mutation as the only known cause of cancer. Also Dr. Siegfried Wolz, an Engineer who developed the Live Yeast Cells preparation under the suggestion of Paul Seeger (see my work on this topic online). This discovery opened a new direction for me in the way to treat cancer obtaining much better results.

In 1970 I moved to Portugal where I met my wife Lucie and opened a consulting office. Then in 1976 a larger clinic, followed in 1983 by a new 3 story clinic with organic gardening and all the facilities.

From that day on I started my involvement not only with Iridology research and practice but also with other types of check ups that expanded my interest, such Live Blood Analysis and the Oxidative Dried Blood test that I developed. I offer some detailed information about this test in my new book recently published in English. Cancer disease became my main interest both in research and treatment where over the years I have developed some innovative therapies, published several important papers and booklets about cancer and started my involvement with molecular medicine as a new way to approach cancer. Today my work is recognized on 3 continents which is really rewarding to see as a result of all the years I devoted to increase my knowledge and experience in this field. You may also read my new book that includes some of my theories and experiences with treating cancer.


I also spent considerable time investigating breast cancer and its associated iris signs ever since breast cancer became one of my main interests in investigation and treatment. After several years of observing the irises of breast cancer patients I developed a chart of breast cancer iris signs and started to publish some articles and documents about the subject. My new book includes a full illustrated chapter on breast cancer.

However lately I have pursued a new direction. I have been appointed Professor of Naturopathic Oncology at the Pan Am University of Sciences and Natural Medicine where we set up a course for our students. While it would take too long now to explain what I have accomplished, the books that I haven published, lectures delivered in over 45 countries, over 150 papers, my innovative therapies, my new research on iris signs associated with apoptosis and P53 mutation, the various Awards and Prize that I received during my life such as the Silver Medal of Research and Invention in 1979 for my contribution in the field of Iridology. The Van de Arbeid decoration for the elite in their profession created by the late King of Belgium Albert I, the Gold Medal from the International Academy of Lutece of Art, Sciences and Letters in Paris, the Grand Academic gold Collar from the International Academia Di Pontzen Italia the highest decoration of the Academy. But you can learn additional information about me and my work on my website, on slideshare, my blog and of course from my book which is also important for all the Iridologists and Naturopaths to study since it offers a wealth of knowledge. My new book is well illustrated and includes many facts on modern Naturopathy as well as in other directions associated with more scientific facts about cancer and apoptosis.


I am grateful to David Pesek and the International College of Iridology for this Award. It really crowns my 50 years of professional practice, my life's work and especially all the time I have dedicated to healing and the fight for the life of my patients. This is often painful yet often comes with great success. Over the past decades many patients owe me their life. We have a saying that saving the life of one person is like saving the whole world. This makes me feel happy. I am grateful that God has given me this opportunity
to serve humanity and to better understand his natural laws of healing.

So thank you very much and remember that knowledge is important, learning is important if you want to be a good doctor.
Thank you for your attention