Friday, June 30, 2017

A New Approach to Understanding and Treating Disease

A New Approach to Understanding and Treating Disease - A Book Review by
Martin Dayton, DO, MD.

Health and Disease Begin in the Colon
A Textbook for Both Laymen and Health Professionals
                        By Professor Serge Jurasunas

Publisher: Serge Jurasunas
Paperback: $44.95 plus shipping; 342 pages, eBook $24.95

Professor Jurasunas’s book is a guide to the successful use of natural approaches
toward optimizing health and overcoming conditions from suboptimal human functioning to advanced cancer. It offers information on innovative diagnostic testing and therapeutics beyond what is medically in vogue today.

This text opens with basic lessons in embryology, anatomy and physiology with an
emphasis on digestion, assimilation and elimination. The large intestine is featured in
his discussion of the intestinal echo system followed by attention to the microbiome,
intestinal immune system, organs of elimination and detoxification. The case for clinically focusing on the large intestine is well-made. Disorders of the colon are addressed including constipation, flatulence, spasticity, diarrhea and inflammation. The relationship of intestinal inflammation and toxicity to breast cancer is well addressed. The p53 tumor suppressor test is highlighted. “Leaky gut increases the penetration of bacteria and candida in the blood which can turn on intoxicated cells and even induce p53 mutation leading to cancer.”

The book emphasizes the roles of the colon, microbiome, naturopathy, analytic live blood microscopy and iridology in relation to health and disease. Dr. Jurasunas’s credentials include Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, M.D. (Hom.), and N.D. He is a recognized teacher, researcher and clinician and runs a clinic in Lisbon, Portugal.

The author shares his expertise in molecular marker and P53 tumor suppressor gene
testing associated with apoptosis and cancer cell resistance. Over the years he described iris signs related to cancer risk and P53 mutation expression, considered a breakthrough advancement in naturopathic oncology and iridology.

More important natural compounds used by the author for several decades for bodily
detoxification and regeneration are described. The naturopathic detoxification programs for use in patients and/or self are described in detail. The author explains how cancer can be approached molecularly from a direction which emphasizes intoxication of the extra cellular matrix and mitochondrial failure. The book offers a bridge between the theories of autointoxication and those of modern mainstream medicine, appealing to both naturopaths and medical doctors.

The advantages of the metabolic blood test (also known as oxidative stress test or
oxidative dried blood test) and live blood microscopy are discussed. Photographs taken before and after treatment lend visual clarity to the discussion. The antioxidant SOD, superoxide dismutase is shown to be useful for treating and preventing various
degenerative conditions.

Professor Jurasunas pragmatically shares his experiences, innovations, and rationales accumulated over the past 45 years in a way which inspires as well as educates. The clinical outcomes involving various maladies presented are impressive. The book narrative flows well and is easy to assimilate. Bountiful clinical pearls of wisdom, photographs and illustrations contribute to a practical and impressive reference text book for both layman and clinicians.

The author masterfully describes how iridology reflects on intestinal disorders. He
emphasizes the relationship between neuro-genetic reflex syndrome associated iris signs and pathological disorders. Auto-intoxication and its relationship to various chronic degenerative diseases is a central theme in the book. Generously sized pictures of the iris are presented with commentary regarding colon disorders and corresponding neurogenetic reflex syndrome diseases inclusive of cancer of the brain, lungs, and ovaries.

Detoxification programs are described in detail using natural foods and procedures ready to be used by clinicians and layman alike. Successfully treated clinical cases described with commentary ranging from allergy to brain tumor offer practical clinical insight.

Health and Disease Begin in the Colon is a well written text which provides education, how-to instructions, and applicable rationale. This text is appropriate for body owners, care givers and clinical providers. It is a must read for clinicians emphasizing complementary natural healing methods that go hand in hand with traditional medicine.

The book is available as a soft cover book and eBook through Amazon and Ingram.