Friday, February 24, 2017

How An Oncologist Became Interested in Reading My Book, “Health and Disease Begin In the Colon, Featuring Professor Jurasunas' Natural Medicine

The historical treatment of cancer is based on a dogma or paradigm that
initially includes the killing of cancer based on chemotherapy, radiation
and surgery. The idea is to use toxic drugs in a tentative to destroy cancer
cells, therefore to target exclusively what we call CANCER and not giving
any consideration for the whole body or the real condition of the patient.
Unfortunately chemotherapy is not selective, often inducing toxic effects
ranging from medium to strong which may even be fatal to the patient.
After 50 years of practice, work, investigation, and world travel , I realized
that conventional medicine is the same in every country. Over the past
several decades, rather than changing their paradigm to the contrary
Oncologists had become even more aggressive with toxic therapy, but
with little results. They did not speak of their failure. However on one
other side we assist to some change, to some open mind from some
Oncologist that really choose to treat cancer patient differently. This is not
easy to do since you may become a enemy from your colleagues.
Dr. Joseph Brenner Oncologist from Hospital and directing his own clinic
of Alternative medicine in Israel is one of this great mind that change his
way of treating cancer patient by using Alternative methods and offering a
better opportunity for cancer patients. We can even say that he is one of the
few Oncologists in the world that examine the disease from different
angles and being himself a victim of cancer which may explain his new
attitude. Although I know about medical doctors diagnosed with cancer, 
who later died from the disease, but to be more correct from the consequences of chemotherapy who were totally closed to any other approach.

Dr. Jurasunas and Dr. Brenner

How I First Met Dr. Brenner

In 2007 in one of my articles published in Townsend Letter, the Examiner
of Alternative Medicine I also mentioned my lecture given on October,
2006 at the University of Vilnius, Faculty of Medicine in Lithuania, where
I had been invited to speak on Complementary Oncology, where I
mentioned about how to obtain the DVD of this lecture . Shortly after, I
received an email from Dr. Brenner wishing to learn more about my
methods. Later on he came to Lisbon to visit me and we had some
interesting discussions, as you can imagine. Dr. Brenner was trained at the
prestigious Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center in New York City,
famous throughout the world. He already knew what you can expect from

The miracle the we spoke about was to join the two medicines through a
bridge that developed over the past few decades. Patients were still dying
from chemotherapy even with the failures especially when it come to
metastasized cancers, pancreatic cancers etc. Oncology had not made any
different moves. While so many patients taking their side run to the
Hospital and believe that chemotherapy will cure them, but then when they
realize it does not they then start to search for another solution. Recently a
important woman in Portugal was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and
she ran to the new modern Oncology Hospital in Lisbon, supposedly
extremely modern but unfortunately she soon found out that she ended up
in a dead end street. Another example was the well known movie actor,
Patrick Swayze, who died from pancreatic cancer, who at the end looked
like a feeble mummy in a wheel chair. 

We know there is no cure for pancreatic cancer but we can help and obtain better results using a combination of natural anticancer agents, for instance by combining Ukrain a natural anticancer agent together with curcuma, Biobran and proteolytic enzymes. Ukrain had been probably one of the most powerful anticancer agents, that I had used for about 25 years, together with many other European medical doctors, mostly from private German clinic and hospitals, but on other continents as well. Dr. Brenner also used Ukrain
with success but in 2013 Ukrain was brutally removed from the market
along with the ruthless arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Nowicky in Vienna.

“A Medico-Political Plot”, was the tittle of my article about this incident
published in Townsend Letter, the magazine of alternative medicine
(Feb/March 2013). It is interesting to read this article as it really explained
how the Austrian Authorities and Big-Pharma eliminated a very efficient
anticancer agent, showing how our health and our lives come after
corporate profits and financial gain. It is really a pity but nonetheless a

Dr. Brenner Continues to Learn from My Book

Dr. Brenner, even though a well-known Oncologist, who lectures all over
the world, had shown a great interest to read and learn from my book, just
as I even now am always happy to learn something more every day.

This coming June (2017) I am planning to meet again with Dr. Brenner, since we were both invited to lecture at the International  Biobran Workshop  in Cracow, Poland.  I will present an innovative approach to cancer treatment, together with some excellent clinical cases that will give us something new to think about in cancer treatment.  Dr. Brenner will probably speak about Hyperthermia for cancer patients who also are taking Biobran Mgn3, a strong Biological Response modifier able to increase immune cell activity especially the Natural Killer cells, our first line of defense against cancer.

The tittle of my book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”, of
course focuses on the colon and the microbiome, demonstrating the
association between the colon and disease as seen through Iridology. This
is a very important part of my book, having practiced iridology for the past
50 years where I know what we can expect from this science.
However nutrition, detox and the value of natural foods, especially the
value of making vegetable juice at home truly helps to rebuild the body.
Personally over the past 50 years I drink my fresh vegetable juice every
day so it keeps me in better health. I also write about Live Blood Analysis,
molecular markers, apoptosis and many other valuable topics that are
included in this book.

This knowledge offers a real advantage for practitioners and even
Oncologists to approach this disease differently, essentially by targeting
the different aspects of cancer with nutritional support, boosting the
immune system, decreasing oxidative stress and increasing apoptosis. This
is the fantastic experience Dr. Brenner has already realized in treating
cancer, which will even improve more.

When we met for the second time at the 2nd World Congress of
Complementary Oncology in Munich, he told me that he knew little about
nutrition and diet. Now after reading my book he understood better how to
support his patients. I have great respect for such men, those showing
such simplicity, such an open mind that serve as a real example for other
Oncologists, especially those that believe that they know everything
having no need to learn more, new or something different.

Every day I learn something new, especially from my patients and from
any good book, journal or magazine article I read. I can especially suggest
The Townsend Letter - The Examiner of Alternative Medicine
(, where I am a frequent contributor. The quality
and the variety of articles presented in this magazine are a real vehicle for
improving someone's knowledge and clinical practice with patients.
I wrote my first article for Townsend Letter in 1999 and still contribute
today. One of my best articles, “The Clinical Evidence of Cellular
Respiration to Target Cancer”, has been translated into Chinese, Japanese,
Lithuanian, Romanian and German so it should prove interesting. Soon I
will have two good articles published about my experience with
germanium and cancer. One article, “A Story of Cancer”, should be read
by everyone concerned with cancer as it give us something to think about
where it may also awaken many Oncologists to a new sense of
understanding and compassion, who may be totally indifferent to the
suffering of patients of who fight for their lives. They can open their
minds and hearts, learn something new, change their thinking and do
something more for their patients.

In fact this was how I met Dr. Brenner because he read my articles in the
Townsend Letter and now he is reading and learning from my book which
is a book of knowledge and not a book built up from the Internet.
Dr. Martin Dayton D.O, M.D. of the Dayton Dandes Holistic and
Integrative Medical Center in Florida (, is also
a truly open-minded doctor who wrote, “The book is the man's life work.”
He said that he is learning from my book which honors me but shows that
in any situation with any background or diploma, continual lifelong
learning is something very important, especially when you can take the
knowledge in my book and improve your own personal life and those of
your patients.