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September, 2017 - Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa)


In September, 2017 Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) in recognition of his work in the field of Alternative Medicine, along with his unique contributions to medical science having developed Live Blood Analysis, Oxidative Dried Blood Testing and innovations in the science of Iridology. Recently in the field of molecular medicine he created a bridge between the 2 medicines and contributed to the development of a new paradigm in patient treatment in the field of Integrative Oncology and nutrition. His research in the clinical application of molecular markers came about as a result of having treated cancer patients for over 4 decades, developing new protocols. 

Professor Serge Jurasunas with Honorius Causa Degree

The following accomplishments led up the conferring this honorary degree as a true pioneer in the field of Integrative Oncology:

Dr. Jurasunas has traveled to more than 40 countries to both organize, participate and teach at numerous conferences having authored numerous scientific articles, over 150 papers and 7 books, and being a frequent contributor to The Townsend Letter magazine led to the receipt of the diploma of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) awarded by the President of Pan American University, the honorable Prof. Charles Mc William in recognition of all the work and accomplishments achieved by Dr. Jurasunas in over half a century.

Serge Jurasunas had been previously honored several times during his 50 year career having received the degree of Doctor of Indigenous Medicine from the Minister of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka where he spent time to teach and to work in the Hospital of Colombo.

In November 1996 he was appointed a Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. in recognition of all his work and teaching, his research and clinical practice in the field of cancer and for his contributions to the development of medical microscopy and iridology.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his practice and research an additional special honor was recently given him for his contribution to the development of Integrative Medicine and Oncology and his practice with patients in his Lisbon clinic.

Lifetime Achievement Award

During the 18th Annual Iridology and Integrative Health Care Congress 2017, held in Orlando, Florida Serge Jurasunas was honored with the Life Achievement Award conferred on him by Dr. David Pesek N.D., PhD., President of the International College of Iridology, during a special ceremony. One other special award, which was unexpected, was also conferred on Professor Serge Jurasunas for his major contributions in the field of cancer treatment and research especially for devoting his life to the fight against cancer, devoting his time and energy to serving his patients. Serge Jurasunas' clinical experience lasted over a 50 year span, where he treated cancer patients with all types and grades, yet he also devoted considerable time by educating them in ways to better accept and fight this disease. It was not a easy task and he devoted considerable time and energy.

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Professor Serge Jurasunas by Dr. David J. Pesek

This was the supreme honor bestowed upon him to celebrate his entire life which was dedicated not only to treating disease, teaching and conducting research but also in spreading the philosophy and principles of Natural Medicine throughout the world.

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18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida

18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida.

Pan Am School of Medicine Confers Upon Serge Jurasunas the Degree of doctor of Medicine (Honorious Causa); Speech of Serge Jurasunas Upon Being Presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International College of Iridology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Dr. Pesek:

First I am deeply honored to have been presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, surely a special day in my life. Most of you in this audience do not know me but I am well known in US in other areas of Alternative Medicine and Integrative Oncology from my frequent articles published not only in US but other countries like Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Belgium and more.

I start practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor and Iridologist back in 1967 in Montreal Canada where I opened my first consulting office after having been invited during a TV program to speak about Iridology and to show some iris case photos. Probably not even the TV journalist who invited me could have imagined the reaction of the public and the hundreds of phone calls they received to ask for my phone and contact information. At the time Iridology was unknown in Montreal and no doctors were practicing this method. It was a different period back then with no internet, little information where we were obliged to practice empirical methods using the Healing Power of Nature as our medicine. Iridology was one possible way of diagnosis.

At that time my knowledge was limited by what I had learned from the nutritional method and Iridology teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen, which offered a basis of how to approach and treat disease. Of course at the same time I was taking a course of Naturopathy at the only government registered College existing in Quebec called, Le College des Naturopathes du Quebec. Later on upon returning to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine in South Africa and graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.

Why and how I entered into this new world, this conception of nutritional food was all new to me in my youth. While I was living in Los Angeles this by itself was a most interesting experience in my life, but it was not a coincidence as I am going to explain since it totally changed my whole life.


A couple of years after my arrival in Los Angeles I began to feel strong nervous tension, depression and the problem of weaker vision. After consulting a neurologist, he found nothing wrong with me and suggested that I should consult a psychiatric doctor which I refused. At that time one of my neighbors was a French Lady who lived over 20 years in India and developed colon cancer. She was treated only with a Nature Cure with a famous Naturopath at his clinic. She totally recovered and decided to stay and work in the clinic. At that time in Los Angeles she was on strict diet, eating mostly raw food, drinking plenty of vegetable juice, taking sitz baths and enemas. This was all new to me, not making much sense at least in the beginning. One day I asked her what should I do? OK she said, I know a good doctor, I am working in his consulting office over the week end and can ask him to see you. He is a doctor of Natural living, which seemed very strange to me, but I thought, OK why not!

This is the way I met Dr. Bernard Jensen who diagnosed his patients through the iris of their eyes, a science called Iridology. This is precisely what he had done with me and proceeded to explain what wrong with me and what I should do to recover my health. He spoke about nutrition, gave me a prescription of vitamins, supplements, food diet and some recipes for vegetable juice cocktails. I also bought at his office his book, “Vital Food for Total Health” to start to become acquainted with nutrition and see how I could cook my new food.


I felt enthusiastic about Dr Jensen . I also bought another book from Dr. Jensen, “The Science and Practice of Iridology”, that I started to read immediately. I also began to change my dietary style. Having been fascinated by Dr. Jensen and interested in his work, he subsequently invited me to come along with him to Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California not far from the Mont Palomar. The purpose was for me to see for myself, directly observing how patients can recover their health with Dr. Jensen's Natural Medicine and Nutrition. In fact Hidden Valley Health Ranch was essentially a very big clinic for patients equipped with bedrooms and land for growing organic vegetables and fruits. Patients were treated only with natural therapies, nutrition, fasting, colon therapies, juice therapy, chiropractic,some medical devices, detox and additionally a wide range of vitamins, minerals, tonics of Dr. Jensen's own formulation.


I stayed several times at Hidden Valley Health Ranch, observing and learning from living patients treated in front of me where I could follow day after day how they recovered only as a result of Natural Healing. Absolutely fantastic! Then Dr. Jensen had me stay by his side during his iris observation of patients. He explain what he saw, what was the problem with a particular patient and what he may need to improve and recover. I started to draw with color pencils a virgin chart of the iris signs found by Dr. Jensen associating them with symptoms or organic dysfunction. This process drove me directly to understand the vital importance of Iridology if we want to truly practice Naturopathy.

It was during this time that I decided this will be my life's work and planned what would be required for future study. I planned to take a Naturopathic course which was in fact the advice I received from Dr. Jensen. Thus I made the decision to move to Quebec, Canada where I could study more easily under the French language. Later upon my return to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine, having been most interested in its theory and practice so I went to South Africa for a course at the government approved Homeopathic College of South Africa and graduated as Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.


I had been reading many health books from pioneers like Arnold Ehret, Mac Fadden, Tilden and Paul Bragg. Then one day I found a book called, “ A Cancer Therapy - Result of 50 Cases,” by Dr. Max Gerson. Reading this book opened my mind about the nature of cancer disease, especially how it could be treated. Both doctors Jensen and Max Gerson were using large quantities of vegetable juices for their patients. However Dr. Jensen was not treating cancer, but only some exceptional cases.

Although my practice was successful I was not satisfied because of the weak knowledge in Iridology, mostly limited to Dr. Jensen's book. I felt I should investigate more and learn more about this science. Also my mind began to be think more and more about what is cancer and also how to treat this disease, although at the time I found Dr. Max Gerson's book to be quite impressive.

I then decided to close up my practice in Quebec and return to Europe, mainly to Germany to obtain more knowledge about Iridology with some of the masters such Joseph Deck, then one of the great Iridologists and also to know more about cancer. I met some German researchers, and doctors such Paul Seeger, a student of Otto Warburg who was working with cancer associating cancer with the theory of cellular respiration and mitochondrial function which today increasingly attracts more scientific inquiry to research the real cause of cancer outside the myth of DNA cell mutation as the only known cause of cancer. Also Dr. Siegfried Wolz, an Engineer who developed the Live Yeast Cells preparation under the suggestion of Paul Seeger (see my work on this topic online). This discovery opened a new direction for me in the way to treat cancer obtaining much better results.

In 1970 I moved to Portugal where I met my wife Lucie and opened a consulting office. Then in 1976 a larger clinic, followed in 1983 by a new 3 story clinic with organic gardening and all the facilities.

From that day on I started my involvement not only with Iridology research and practice but also with other types of check ups that expanded my interest, such Live Blood Analysis and the Oxidative Dried Blood test that I developed. I offer some detailed information about this test in my new book recently published in English. Cancer disease became my main interest both in research and treatment where over the years I have developed some innovative therapies, published several important papers and booklets about cancer and started my involvement with molecular medicine as a new way to approach cancer. Today my work is recognized on 3 continents which is really rewarding to see as a result of all the years I devoted to increase my knowledge and experience in this field. You may also read my new book that includes some of my theories and experiences with treating cancer.


I also spent considerable time investigating breast cancer and its associated iris signs ever since breast cancer became one of my main interests in investigation and treatment. After several years of observing the irises of breast cancer patients I developed a chart of breast cancer iris signs and started to publish some articles and documents about the subject. My new book includes a full illustrated chapter on breast cancer.

However lately I have pursued a new direction. I have been appointed Professor of Naturopathic Oncology at the Pan Am University of Sciences and Natural Medicine where we set up a course for our students. While it would take too long now to explain what I have accomplished, the books that I haven published, lectures delivered in over 45 countries, over 150 papers, my innovative therapies, my new research on iris signs associated with apoptosis and P53 mutation, the various Awards and Prize that I received during my life such as the Silver Medal of Research and Invention in 1979 for my contribution in the field of Iridology. The Van de Arbeid decoration for the elite in their profession created by the late King of Belgium Albert I, the Gold Medal from the International Academy of Lutece of Art, Sciences and Letters in Paris, the Grand Academic gold Collar from the International Academia Di Pontzen Italia the highest decoration of the Academy. But you can learn additional information about me and my work on my website, on slideshare, my blog and of course from my book which is also important for all the Iridologists and Naturopaths to study since it offers a wealth of knowledge. My new book is well illustrated and includes many facts on modern Naturopathy as well as in other directions associated with more scientific facts about cancer and apoptosis.


I am grateful to David Pesek and the International College of Iridology for this Award. It really crowns my 50 years of professional practice, my life's work and especially all the time I have dedicated to healing and the fight for the life of my patients. This is often painful yet often comes with great success. Over the past decades many patients owe me their life. We have a saying that saving the life of one person is like saving the whole world. This makes me feel happy. I am grateful that God has given me this opportunity
to serve humanity and to better understand his natural laws of healing.

So thank you very much and remember that knowledge is important, learning is important if you want to be a good doctor.
Thank you for your attention

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Read My New Article Published in The Townsend Letter, August/September 2017

The Molecular basis of Prostate Cancer and Targeting

I have spent nearly 10 year investigating the P53 tumor suppressor and other apoptotic players followed by the clinical application of molecular markers by testing cancer patients before and after treatment based upon various protocols that I have researched.

We know that cancer is a disease of the cell cycle and involves a myriad of genes that have lost their control, are activated or suppressed leading to uncontrolled proliferation and later on to cells that do not die from apoptosis becoming cancer cells. Today I am well acquainted with the P53 tumor suppressor gene, our most important apoptotic gene but also the one most subject to mutation that occurs in over 50% of all cancers. In my clinic we mostly treat cancer patients and whenever possible we perform a complete molecular markers testing profile that includes P53, Bax ,BcL2, Survivin gene expression (the ones I am speaking about in this article) which offer real scientific evidence concerning the therapeutic effect and result from the applied treatment meaning the different compounds such the ones I propose in my article for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Metastatic prostate cancer is not always a fatality and incurable as claimed by conventional Oncology.
This is an excerpt from a lecture given by a medical doctor on Prostate Cancer; here is what he said in one of his slides:

- The disease might make the patient's life miserable or cause mortality.

- Probably about half of the patients derail the treatment.

- Unfortunately we have NEVER CURED a single patient with hormone therapy.

  • Bone metastases in prostate cancer is really for the patient the BEGINING OF THE END. Their is no CURE for the disease. This is applicable to all CANCERS , not only PROSTATE CANCER. At least we now know the truth about what conventional medicine can do or cannot do.

How can we believe such thing ? !!!

I have shown several times in my lectures some actual clinical cases such as the one I showed at the 5th International Workshop Biobran held June 2017 in Krakow Poland. You can see this lecture New Modern Way to Treat Cancer in Slideshare. At the same time I am putting in my blog a new article called:

Can Food Diet Prevent and be Efficient in Cancer Treatment”, which is a major support to any cancer protocol,

Ask for a copy of Townsend Letter special issue Cancer, August/September 2017 by contacting the Publisher or contact me directly to receive a copy of the article.


Townsend Letter:

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The Need for Education in Food Prevention Against Cancer and as a Support During Treatment

During the past 50 years I have been treating all types of diseases, all types and grades of cancer, engaged in extensive research and study, developed various types of innovative therapies and created different food diets to include for chemotherapy patients. I have also spent considerable time educating people especially women in the field of cancer prevention. I can speak from my long experience and obervation of what specialized nutritional food diet can do for cancer patients as well as for the prevention of cancer. One of my oldest cancer patients an 86 year old lady, was diagnosed with leukemia and also breast cancer 43 years ago,continues to visit me for consultation. Another case with cancer of both breasts who originally came to visit me 28 years ago, came to see me about one week ago for a check up. Long term remission is also an important victory when you know how to follow a good food diet.

Today more than ever their is a urgent need to be more educated about what food can do at the level of cancer prevention since cancer disease continuesto rise , yet the medical community has no answer to give us. Some recent news stipulates that 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women in US were diagnosed in 2017 and 40,610 people were expected to die from this disease the same year. Not mentioning about 63,410 cases this year of carcinoma in situ with abnormal cells that may be an early form of cancer.

Therefore I have published a very interesting document about food diet in cancer prevention and treatment of cancer but being too long for the blog it is available on slideshare. Also if someone would like to have the complete article, he can always contact me, or send any question to: .


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A New Approach to Understanding and Treating Disease

A New Approach to Understanding and Treating Disease - A Book Review by
Martin Dayton, DO, MD.

Health and Disease Begin in the Colon
A Textbook for Both Laymen and Health Professionals
                        By Professor Serge Jurasunas

Publisher: Serge Jurasunas
Paperback: $44.95 plus shipping; 342 pages, eBook $24.95

Professor Jurasunas’s book is a guide to the successful use of natural approaches
toward optimizing health and overcoming conditions from suboptimal human functioning to advanced cancer. It offers information on innovative diagnostic testing and therapeutics beyond what is medically in vogue today.

This text opens with basic lessons in embryology, anatomy and physiology with an
emphasis on digestion, assimilation and elimination. The large intestine is featured in
his discussion of the intestinal echo system followed by attention to the microbiome,
intestinal immune system, organs of elimination and detoxification. The case for clinically focusing on the large intestine is well-made. Disorders of the colon are addressed including constipation, flatulence, spasticity, diarrhea and inflammation. The relationship of intestinal inflammation and toxicity to breast cancer is well addressed. The p53 tumor suppressor test is highlighted. “Leaky gut increases the penetration of bacteria and candida in the blood which can turn on intoxicated cells and even induce p53 mutation leading to cancer.”

The book emphasizes the roles of the colon, microbiome, naturopathy, analytic live blood microscopy and iridology in relation to health and disease. Dr. Jurasunas’s credentials include Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, M.D. (Hom.), and N.D. He is a recognized teacher, researcher and clinician and runs a clinic in Lisbon, Portugal.

The author shares his expertise in molecular marker and P53 tumor suppressor gene
testing associated with apoptosis and cancer cell resistance. Over the years he described iris signs related to cancer risk and P53 mutation expression, considered a breakthrough advancement in naturopathic oncology and iridology.

More important natural compounds used by the author for several decades for bodily
detoxification and regeneration are described. The naturopathic detoxification programs for use in patients and/or self are described in detail. The author explains how cancer can be approached molecularly from a direction which emphasizes intoxication of the extra cellular matrix and mitochondrial failure. The book offers a bridge between the theories of autointoxication and those of modern mainstream medicine, appealing to both naturopaths and medical doctors.

The advantages of the metabolic blood test (also known as oxidative stress test or
oxidative dried blood test) and live blood microscopy are discussed. Photographs taken before and after treatment lend visual clarity to the discussion. The antioxidant SOD, superoxide dismutase is shown to be useful for treating and preventing various
degenerative conditions.

Professor Jurasunas pragmatically shares his experiences, innovations, and rationales accumulated over the past 45 years in a way which inspires as well as educates. The clinical outcomes involving various maladies presented are impressive. The book narrative flows well and is easy to assimilate. Bountiful clinical pearls of wisdom, photographs and illustrations contribute to a practical and impressive reference text book for both layman and clinicians.

The author masterfully describes how iridology reflects on intestinal disorders. He
emphasizes the relationship between neuro-genetic reflex syndrome associated iris signs and pathological disorders. Auto-intoxication and its relationship to various chronic degenerative diseases is a central theme in the book. Generously sized pictures of the iris are presented with commentary regarding colon disorders and corresponding neurogenetic reflex syndrome diseases inclusive of cancer of the brain, lungs, and ovaries.

Detoxification programs are described in detail using natural foods and procedures ready to be used by clinicians and layman alike. Successfully treated clinical cases described with commentary ranging from allergy to brain tumor offer practical clinical insight.

Health and Disease Begin in the Colon is a well written text which provides education, how-to instructions, and applicable rationale. This text is appropriate for body owners, care givers and clinical providers. It is a must read for clinicians emphasizing complementary natural healing methods that go hand in hand with traditional medicine.

The book is available as a soft cover book and eBook through Amazon and Ingram.

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5th Biobran Workshop June 9-11, 2017 in Krakow Poland

About the 5th Biobran Workshop June 9-11, 2017 in Krakow, Poland

I am happy to participate in this workshop having been kindly invited to present some of my work and results in the field of cancer, using a protocol in which we include Biobran. In treating cancer patients I focus on 3 main directions that I am going to speak about in my lecture. Of course it is not the first time I have delivered seminars about Biobran, such as one I presented to the University of Vilnius-Faculty of medicine in Budapest as well as one in England. Biobran is a old story since I have been using this excellent compound for over 20 years. My friend Mr. Toshi Uchiyamada is the director of Biobran (DHD Europe) in Europe and through him I became acquainted with many new anticancer agents developed in Japan.


These are the 3 main hallmarks of cancer. For instance P53 mutation appears necessary in many types of cancer, where without building blood vessels a tumor can't exist.

Biobran which is a compound made from modified rice bran cultivated on enzymes of shitake mycelia mushroom have some anticancer properties but especially when taken orally the Natural Killer cells are quickly activated that in turn become cytotoxic to cancer cells destroying them via apoptosis. I am most interested, in light of all the reports that lately have been published about Biobran, that it not only increasingly activates most of the immune cells, but when prescribed together with curcumin it work in synergy to increase the ratio BcL2/Bax, and then increases apoptosis resulting in the death of cancer cells.

This is a brief synopsis of what I am going to present in my lecture and I will show some cases of cancer patients treated according to the 3 hallmarks of cancer I am speaking about, showing scans, and a bone scan before and after with some really impressive results. Also if you see the program you'll notice the participation of several progressive Oncologists that will be so happy to meet and discuss this topic, especially my colleague and friend Dr. Joseph Brenner coming from Israel. He directs a clinic of Integrative medicine, having been in the past the Chief of Oncology in a hospital. What is interesting about Dr. Brenner is that he also was himself a victim of cancer and wrote a excellent book, “Living Without Cancer”, a real Bible for Oncologists. Dr. Joseph Brenner is a very modest man who came to Lisbon to meet me to learn some of my work in cancer, which should be the opposite of what most oncologists practice, but it really give me some strength.

Oncologists really need to change their paradigm of treating cancer and about which we will show a slide with a figure of my conception of a new paradigm. Lately we assisted in the international publication of articles in several countries speaking of a new revolution to treat cancer via the immune system, which is not really new for us, but it also shows the field of Oncology is really still searching for some effective treatment. This is what we are doing sine few decades and with Biobran for the past two decades. Too many cancer patients are dying, too many are suffering, too many are under disease recurrence, which emphasizes that Oncologists cannot close the door to other medicines which according to them are unproven and even dangerous. What about chemotherapy?? What about the patients who died not having any results with chemotherapy? Something must be done and anyone interested especially doctors working with cancer, particularly those working with chemotherapy should come to this workshop and meet me along with other colleagues like Dr. Joseph Brenner.

Conference Speakers and Topics (See contact information below) :

Speakers Topic
Saturday June 10, 2017
Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D., Immuno-Oncologist,  Hungary A standardized plant immunomodulator containing Pathogenic Associated Molecular Pattern (PAMP)-like structure (Arabinoxylan in Biobran) shows evidence based benefit in tumor therapy.
Prof. Dr. Med. Rupert Handgretinger, Oncologist, Germany Harnessing Natural Killer (NK) Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
Prof. Dr. Hegyi Gabriella MD, PhD, President of Hungarian Biophysical Association for Doctors, Hungary “ Biophysical Association for Doctors Controlled pilot study for cancer patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome due to chemotherapy treated with BioBran (MGN-3-Arabinoxylan) and Targeted Radiofrequency Heat therapy”
Prof. Serge Jurasunas N.D. M.D. (Hom), Oncologist, Portugal New Modern Way to Approach Cancer
Dr. Joseph Brenner, M.D., Oncologist, Israel  “Combining Biobran and Hyperthermia in the Treatment of Cancer Patients”
Juliet Hayward, BA(Hons), MA, DNN Nutritional Therapist , United Kingdom  To Be Announced
 Prof. Basant Puri, M.D. Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, UK Lyme Borreliosis : Aspects of a Trial of Biobran MGN-3 in this Disease
Dr. Ctidar Mokras, M.D. on his behalf Monika Ebertova “Overview of the ongoing small clinical trial with BioBran in HPV patients” 

Important CONTACTS:

Accommodation:  ANDEL‘S BY VIENNA HOUSE CRACOW | ul. Pawia 3 | 31-154 Cracow | Poland | | +48 12 660 02 40

·  Monika Ebertova ( 00421 910 944572

·  Dr. Serge Jurasunas (

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You Don't Have to Die from Cancer


A recent article published on March 23, 2017 in a local newspaper in Fresno, Cal. (USA) was about a mom who beat (apparently) cancer while pregnant while undergoing chemotherapy. However after giving birth to twins, a little later she died from heart failure. It is also questionable to me about the risk of taking chemotherapy while pregnant, but this we can discuss some other time. 

This unfortunate 30 year old woman was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer during her pregnancy and even after taking as the article said, chemotherapy at Stanford University she later died. Now in my clinic, having been confronted with all types and grades of cancer, we already know that cardiomyopathy (heart failure) is caused by chemotherapy. Therefore there are many reasons to protect patients during chemotherapy along with some supplementation like CoQ10, mostly indicated to protect the heart against the deleterious effects of free radicals such as the hydroxyl radical family which strongly reacts with the heart's mitochondria components and even damages the genome which leads to the death of the patient.

Antioxidant Intake During Chemotherapy

We can speak about the carelessness of the conventional Oncology that denied the use of antioxidants and COQ10 during chemotherapy since according to them it may decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy. In this particular case can we say that everything was done by oncologists to avoid the heart failure and the death of the mom? While cardiomyopathy or peripheral neuropathy is caused by chemotherapy, which the doctors already know, yet nothing is done about it. One day I found a very interesting lecture online on cancer by a medical doctor. However I was astonished with one slide which said, “After all of what we know the patient is dying!” Not just from the cancer but he gave a list of damage that leads to death from chemotherapy treatment, can you believe this! But most people, patients do not know or have any idea. Some hospitals in Lisbon display posters on the wall in oncology patient waiting room for to warn them against taking dietetic supplementation and antioxidants. Very strange since so far no one has died from taking high doses of antioxidants yet so many people die from the adverse effects of chemotherapy without taking antioxidants. According to my experience CoQ10, Vitamin E, SOD, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, methionine, glutathione, Omega 3, are some of the antioxidants I suggest taking during chemotherapy. During my lifetime of practice (50 years) I was frequently confronted with similar cases of pregnant women diagnosed with cancer but no one died from heart failure.

Conventional Medicine is the Same Everywhere

Now the other problem is also the mistaken belief that only chemotherapy treatment is supposed to cure cancer itself and usually by going either to a Stanford University or to a simple cancer hospital, the results are usually about the same since they is based only upon chemotherapy/radiation. I have had some experience with patients flying to MD Anderson Center in Texas who came back with not much results, the same as those going to Paris to be treated in reputed hospitals, also with no result. People believe that treatment from the Oncology Departments of reputed Cancer Institutes or treatment in an Oncology department of a University will make a difference, but usually not! You have also to ask oneself some questions.

Cancer Patients Must Ask Themselves Some Questions

What more can I do for myself besides chemotherapy? Can I help myself with other treatments? We have to finish with the fictitious story that we see cancer as localized disease but we are otherwise healthy and that chemotherapy alone will destroy it. When I ask some patients coming to me about how chemotherapy kills cancer cells they are unable to answer me. This is not like shooting with a magic bullet that kill something but it is associated with the cell cycle ( Read my previous article, “What is cancer” ). Unfortunately so many people still believe that chemotherapy/radiation is the only solution and refuse to consider any other alternative. How many thousands of patients die as consequence of chemotherapy? I was personally confronted with cancer patients that were not convinced that we could do something for them and had a strong iron-like belief in chemotherapy. This was too sad because they died soon after.

Sometimes you are confronted with an aggressive cancer and in this case such cancer cells are resistant to chemotherapy and invade other organs more quickly. Such cells are just minimally damaged by chemotherapy and continue to divide and get even stronger, where medical protocol becomes useless. In such cases I perform molecular markers testing to see which oncogenes or inhibitors of apoptosis is highly expressed and responsible for the cancer cell resistance. This can be also be related to some activated receptors like the EGFR and HER2 in breast cancer for instance. Survivin is one other inhibitor of apoptosis usually overexpressed in breast and prostate cancer and if highly activated can induce a strong cancer resistance to chemotherapy. I will then target this gene to decrease or totally inhibit it's activity as I have done hundreds of times and then you may expect some better results from chemotherapy. Hyperthermia, Vitamin C, antioxidant enzymes,homeopathic preparations in IV is very efficient together with some chemotherapy and greatly help to kill resistant cancer cells. One of my patients with a second aggressive breast recurrence from a primary cancer diagnosed in 2003, but not treated with me at the beginning but with some other colleague, developed metastasis on the neck and ganglions was in a critical situation. In fact in the spring 2016 she was going back for radiotherapy. As one medical doctor said just for PREVENTION, since she was fine with my treatment. I then told her if you do more radiotherapy you will get worse, but even with her coming to my clinic the decision of medical doctors is like the word of God, but it began to progress exactly like I told her. In January 2017 she came to me with the relapse and the CA.15.5, 239 very high. Well I got mad at her and this time I told her that to try to save her it was best to go to the Integrative Medicine Clinic of my colleague and friend, Dr. Joseph Brenner, a highly regarded Oncologist in Israel, himself a victim of cancer. This time she get really scared as well as her family. She is the mother of a lovely little girls so she really had this responsibility looking over her shoulder. Instead of returning to chemotherapy in Lisbon she accepted this option and would be treated with Hyperthermia, galvanotherapy, I.V. Vitamin C and some of my own remedies while in Israel. After 2months of treatment her tumor markers decreased by 50% and the ganglions on the neck were no longer palpable which is a first positive result, but we need to wait more for more results, but as I had said before she was too confident about the benefit of chemotherapy/radiation but thank God she realized that she had to do something different. 2 disease recurrence are very difficult to treat because you may have cancer stem cells that are very resistant to chemotherapy and the apoptosis channel. Anyhow this was already a 14 years battle and will see if we can win but its difficult to say At least she didn't die from heart failure. Now this is an option for every one.

The disease is not only the concern of doctor that in fact thinks only about protocols but also your own concern as well. Now another interesting example comes to mind while it is not one of my patient but a Naturopath in USA diagnosed few years ago with a breast cancer of 8cm, stage 3. I know her because a few years ago she published a nice book on Iridology and made contact directly with me asking for my contribution in her book. I didn't hear any more news about her until I decided to send her my new book published this year. She was very happy to receive my book but told me that she had to face breast cancer and agreed that she was eating junk food and had too much stress . I have felt since the beginning of my practice that Naturopathy was not only a medicine but a philosophy of life to live better with rules for our patients, but even more for ourselves . Do we believe in what we do and what we teach our patients? However she decided to do something for herself and started a treatment before having a mastectomy (Also wrong in my opinion ) and when coming from surgery a new Scan showed an 8mm tumor only so she could avoid as she way the barbaric surgery. After surgery however she refused as she said to put poison back into her body and so no more chemotherapy/radiation, having her doctors mad at her, as we can well understand. She really changed her diet radically and started a protocol with different vitamins, minerals, Pau d' Arco, Essiac tea, Saga mushroom, insole-3-carbine, proteolytic enzymes, iodine and more. She especially started a new way of life with Music therapy, relaxation, physical exercise and it worked. As a result, even some doctors said maybe the initial tests were wrong since as we know medical doctors are usually uninformed about complementary treatment which according to them has little or no efficacy at all. But here we have a good example of what a person can do when facing a disease like cancer.

Women are Too Confident About What Medicine Can Offer

So we not only have the problem of chemotherapy but also the problem of patients that were as we often say, “Brainwashed” and run to chemotherapy not doing anything to help on their own and they may die as a result. Unfortunately the bad new is that women for instance are more confident than they should be about the advancements in medicine made in treating cancer. I remember a 40 year old woman, a movie actor in Portugal coming to see me with an aggressive breast cancer, who had already been taking chemotherapy for some time and nothing else. Unfortunately It was too late when she came to my clinic, I didn't see her again but one month later I read in the local newspaper a large article about her tragic death not from the disease but from a chemotherapy collapse. Last week I saw in my clinic a 42 year old woman with breast cancer. When she started chemotherapy she had no metastasis but after 6 months of treatment, metastasis had spread to her liver and bones and she was suffering from pain. So I told her what can you now expect from chemotherapy. She answered me that she was afraid to arrest treatment and preferred to continue. We knew that soon these patients would enter into an irreversible phase but this was her mind. But why let her die without fighting her disease?

International Workshop Biobran and Cancer-Krakow, Poland 2017

This coming Jun9/12, I will be presenting a paper at the 5thInternational Biobran workshop in Krakow, Poland together with other important figures such as Dr. Joseph Brenner Oncologist, Dr. Handgretinger, Professor of Hematology and Oncology and Professor Hajto, Specialist in Immunology, along with more experts. We will show some clinical cases, including some with advanced metastasis cancer that were supposed to be soon fatal but so far with a 6 year extension /survival (and those taking chemotherapy as well), along with other cases of cancer recurrence with quickly spreading metastasis during chemotherapy regimen, but afterwards with a significantly decrease of local large metastasis after coupling chemotherapy with my treatment, quite visible on Scan. I remember the case of my wife's cousin diagnosed with a colon cancer and even while he knew me he just accepted conventional medicine, surgery and chemotherapy.

Six months later his son is diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma and went to take chemotherapy as well, also not coming to me for other treatment. He was getting worse and after talking to him about doing something with me he just answered that he was waiting for a new “Miraculous” treatment coming from USA. Of course he died before his father which also was getting worse with chemotherapy and really felt in a very bad way. So my wife told me she asked him to consider dropping chemotherapy for some time and be treated by me. But he answered, “This was not my decision but that of my doctor”. One month before he died he finally came to my clinic but it was too late. 10 years later his grand daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer and ran to hospital for chemotherapy refusing my help, so of course she died. This tragedy is just to show that our life can also rest in our own hands and not only in those of the medical doctor. We have to realize that if we have a cancer we may have done something wrong in our life, where it is up to us to correct it and to choose a better direction.

So again you don't have to die from cancer if you really choose to do something more for yourself. Of course we cannot always win but we can delay, we can expect better result by joining the 2 medicines and minimizing the side effects. More especially and definitely we have to change the way we eat, the way we live, the way we think and have more power and self confidence in ourselves. Remember that the autonomic nervous system and the immune system are cross-talking meaning they are both related. So yes relaxation and meditation are probably very positive. Fear doesn't help either, nor anxiety so just try to take positive actions and of course if necessary some supplementation to strengthen the nervous system. Helping the psyche may really be beneficial as well. We are doing this in my clinic but psychology and helping the patient is also a important part of the time I spend with my cancer patients. However we may have also some bad experience with patients diagnosed with bad cancers coming to me but apparently with an agitated state of mind that makes them angry, aggressive and unable to make the good decision.

Lately I had a very bad experience with one couple, where the wife was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of nasopharyngeal cancer, already with an expansion of metastases in the neck and little hope from chemotherapy as she already had said. The husband was quite aggressive and the patient was not very open and emotionally conflicted even just from facing such a cancer where no answer remained from conventional medicine. It had come to such a complicated discussion with her husband that I was obliged to tell them that if they were not satisfied with my work, my 50 years of experience, my reputation and as they could see with several cancer patients in the waiting room, most of them already in treatments with excellent results, then the best choice was to walk out of my office and nothing more. This is what they done and it really upset me since I know this women was condemned to death but unable to realize that she had no solution. But yes this is a very difficult cancer and she would need all the help possible to start fighting that could go on for months or possibly years but as we can also realize the human mind is sometimes difficult to understand. Since you have to be prepared to understand the disease and make an in informed decision which was not the case of this patient. “You don't have to die”, means you can do something different for yourself outside of conventional medicine, but unfortunately you will because if your mind is blocked up with negative emotion, you can easily make the wrong decision.

Oncology is Still Denied the Value of Complementary Therapy

So it is interesting to ask one question and particularly patients should ask this of themselves. Why deny asking this especially when you have the evidence in front of your eyes ! The life of the patient is our main interest. Either we are or we are not an Oncologist or we may using some as they say unproven therapy, but that can save the patient's life. Cancer treatment is not the monopoly anymore of Oncology since we are in a new Era where we are discovering new theories, new mechanisms of cancer and new non-toxic treatments but simply the system does not accept it for reasons that some people have started to understand. The International conventional medicine for reason of prestige cannot accept other way to treat cancer and therefore the life of patients do not enter in their consideration. Outside of their protocols developed at higher levels, whether efficient or not the Oncologist is totally looked up to by patients, and needs to open his/her mind to something different.

Recently a new article published in May 2017 in the serious French magazine SCIENCE and Avenir under the tittle New Anticancer strategy to attack cancer via the metabolic pathway opened the door to a new paradigm to understand and treat cancer by reactivation of the mitochondria function. Other incredible news coming from the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute that suppose now to treat differently cancer with a revolutionary method which is: The immune system which is how I have been treating my patients for the past 35 years. This is what Biobran does to activate Natural Killer cells that kill cancer cells. We have been using Biobran for nearly 25 years and have given seminars about Biobran in different countries even invited at the Faculty of medicine of the University of Vilnius in Lithuania. Secondly Big Pharma controls the whole of medicine, all the medical congresses, the specialized magazines, local newspapers and politicians. This is why chemotherapy remains the cornerstone of cancerology and that cancer patients run to hospital without asking questions. Unfortunately many of them at the end are not improving but get even worse and then they start to seek some other type help, but for many of them it's too late! So if you are diagnosed with a cancer even before going on surgery start to do something to support your body your immune system, activate the tumor suppressor genes, adopt a better diet,detox your body and be prepared for a long fight.

Sometimes we believe that doctors do not tell the truth to patients but between them they know that some cancers are incurable and yet they refuse trying other approaches ! In one medical doctor's conference slide I was astonished to read the following: “The disease might make the patient's life miserable or cause mortality” (About prostate cancer with bone metastasis). Even worse it also read, “Bone metastasis in prostate cancer really means the beginning of the end for the patient”. Incredible! Essentially, what he said was applicable to all cancers, not only prostate cancer, probably breast cancer as well! He further stated on another slide, “Unfortunately we have never cured a single patient with hormone therapy”. He was very honest but then continues to use hormones and denies some other interesting approaches like the ones I had published!

My tip is to take some Mgn3/Biobran to activate your Natural Killer cells and Dendritic cells. Curcumin is not only a powerful antioxidant but target cell's signaling pathways and most of the hallmarks of cancer and works very well in synergy with Biobran,Alpha Lipoic acid,Co-enzyme Q10, resveratrol, Pau d'Arco, melatonin, chorella extract (Sun-Chorella) and Indole-3-carbinol for breast cancer. Enzyme yeast cells (Zell-Oxygen preparation the bed rock of my method) and you read all about in my new book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”. The same can be said about chorella. I also have a chapter on breast cancer and colon cancer but overall it shows also how you can prevent cancer which should be the main concern of people, particularly women. If you read my articles, “The Evidence of Cellular Respiration to Target Cancer” and “Mitochondria and Cancer”, published in 2006 in The Townsend Letter Magazine they actually give the same information but with all the details about what say this article about the New strategy to treat cancer. The article explains that beside chemotherapy some agents that can regenerate or reactivated damaged mitochondria that use glucose as their main fuel to synthesize molecular energy instead of oxygen, but in much less quantity can be one important step.

Some Oncologists Now Use Alpha Lipoic Acid Together with Chemotherapy

Curiously, Dr. Laurent Schwartz, a French Oncologist but with some advanced ideas about how to treat cancer is using some Alpha Lipoic acid together with chemotherapy which is what I suggested above. We ourselves have been using Alpha Lipoic Acid for over 20 years. It works as a strong antioxidant but also ALA works on the cellular level to help producing energy acting as a co-enzyme-a helper of enzyme-in the cell's energy cycle. ALA also appears to have extraordinary ability to prevent damage to the cell at the genetic level and thus important to take during chemotherapy to protect healthy cells. Co-enzyme Q10 works under the same way even very efficient on the respiratory chain of transport to carry electrons with the finally to synthesis ATP production which helps to restore the cellular function and cellular differentiation meaning a cancer cell been much less active and returning to a normal state. While we explained at the beginning of this article Co-enzyme Q10 protects the heart during chemotherapy from any damage done in the mitochondria. Few articles published in the past have shown the evidence that in certain cases of breast cancer larger doses of Co-enzyme Q10 leads to a complete remission but also now Alpha Lipoic Acid. Burt Berkson M.D., Ph. D, wrote an interesting small book , “ The Alpha Lipoic Acid Miracle”, that gives a list of diseases that can be treated with ALA including cancer. So again if you are taking conventional therapies follow also a complementary treatment to not only protect your body from toxic damage but also targeting cancer mechanisms and help the killing of cancer cells together with chemotherapy/radiation. Do not neglect an anticancer diet, the ketogenic diet being popular today and improve your Microbiome or intestinal micro-flora that work to strengthen the immune system increasing the destruction of cancer cells. Find a doctor offering Live Blood Analysis and a Dried Blood test so you may have a better idea about your blood status and oxidative stress level during chemotherapy.

The other day came a 65 year old man was suddenly diagnosed with colon cancer and a liver metastases up to 7 cm, very extensive, and he was supposed to first start chemotherapy. He was very weak and had lost much weight. When doing his LBA we found really only damaged red cells, platelet aggregation, fungal invasion, lipid plaques and this is the way he was going into chemotherapy that would make his case even worse. See my book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”, where I explain and show photos of both tests before and after treatment or as result of chemotherapy damage.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What is Cancer ?

What Is Cancer ?

By Professor Serge Jurasunas

This is a good question since the disease today has already reached an alarming proportion. Who doesn't have a friend or relative diagnosed with cancer, who is either sick or dying? It causes pain and suffering and despite the repeated expectation by medicine to cure cancer it is a complete failure, even for many oncology doctors who have yet to find an answer or somewhere else to turn?

First of all, cancer is not a new disease, since the earliest known description of a tumor appears in several Egyptian papyri , discovered late in the 19th century. Two of them are well known, the Ebers  medical papyrus (Herbs and Incantations)  and the Edwin Smith papyrus (Surgical document from the  16-17 Dynasties) were written around 1600 BC and are believed to date from sources as early as 2500 BC.

The word cancer was originally coined by Hippocrates who referred to the tumor by calling it Karkinos or crab in the Greek language, meaning a swelling masse that can penetrate into tissue. Later on, the Roman encyclopaedist Celsus, in De Medicina, translated Karkinos into the Latin word cancer. Today just to hear, “You have cancer,” creates a state of fear among people.

So what is cancer? Answer: A local disease, a cellular disease or also a whole disease? Cancer is a multi-factorial disease but particularly a cellular disease caused by a number of aggressive exogenous and endogenous factors and a deficient defense and cellular mechanism that sometimes come with hereditary risk. The more people you have in your family with cancer, the higher is the risk to develop a cancer or tumor. Today new lines of research show that Cancer is a disease of the cell cycle and failure of checkpoint and of apoptosis, called natural programmed cell death. Before a cell divides the DNA is checked to make sure it has replicated correctly. If the DNA does not copy itself correctly, or cells divide incorrectly then a gene mutation can occur. Abnormal cells are promptly eliminated by this mechanism that is activated by the P53 tumor suppressor gene. One particularity of cancer cells is their refusal to die, thus escaping from apoptosis because of the failure of the tumor suppressor genes controlling cell cycle and apoptosis. P53 mutation occurs in more than 50% of all cancer and appears necessary in many types of cancer. Not only does P53 mutation impair the destruction of abnormal/cancer cells but also acquires as we say oncogenic properties that activate tumor growth and invasion.

What Can Cause Mutation?

Answer: Radiation, tobacco, pollutants, insecticides, chemicals, viruses and bacteria. There are four important letters that make up the entire 3 billion letter genetic code and they are Adenine,Thymine, Guanine, Cysteine or ATGC. Any change or error in the position of the four letters lead to DNA mutation (P53 mutation) and starts to disrupt the cell cycle. Radiation, excessive oxidative stress can damage the DNA components and conducts to mutations.

How Does a Cancer Start?

Answer: Damaged cells not destroyed continue to divide, accumulate mutations, become less differentiated and do not respond anymore to cell signaling pathways. They then become independent and turn into cancer cells that start to proliferate, build more blood vessels for growth, utilizing degradation enzymes to expand and invade surrounding tissues. Some cancer cells detach from the primary tumor through loss of adhesion and penetrate into the blood or lymphatic circulation, what we call metastasis (meaning I am here but not here anymore) and establish secondary tumors at other locations in the body such as the liver, lung, brain and bones, depending on the type of cancer. After a period of dormancy cancer cells awaken and try to form a new tumor after a lapse of time from 6 months to 6-10 years and even more. I even have a case of breast cancer with a recurrence to the lungs, bones and brain after 15 years of dormancy. It depends on the dormancy state and the capacity of the cancer cells to build new blood vessel called angiogenesis, apoptotic failure and also immune defense failure.

Development of Cancer over Time

Cancer metastasis prevention is totally neglected by oncology. Metastasis is becoming a danger and responsible for 90% of cancer mortality. Today's hallmark of cancer is reportorial, representing the essential factors of cancer development and growth which includes P53 failure, angiogenesis, activation of oncogenes, failure of the immune defense, hypoxia and oxidative stress. Without tumor suppressor failure, activated oncogenes and especially tumor vascularization cancer is not possible.

The immune system, particularly the Natural Killer cells (NK-cells) play a crucial role in our defense against cancer but of course only are activated when cancer cells are circulating or to attack a tumor. They are known as our first line of defense against cancer. However we know that patients with cancer have a reduced N.K cell activity functioning only from 10-50% in comparison of a healthy person. Oncology continues to neglect this, however recently some limited articles are speaking about a new revolutionary treatment called 'Immuno-Oncology' to improve the standard treatment, which fact is what my colleagues and I have already been doing for the past several decades. Other new attractive future treatments are pointing to reactivating the apoptotic genes like the P53 tumor suppressor gene which I personally had already worked on for the past 10 years.

The Mechanism of Cancer

The mechanism of cancer is very complex since it takes an average of about 7-14 years for tumor to reach the clinical stage of 1cm, but grows faster for every additional cm. This means that we have a mechanism of cancer going on but we don't know its happening, then patients are often diagnosed at a later stage already having developed multiple metastases to the bones, liver and even the lungs. Why? Because the initiation of cancer and metastases invasion is asymptomatic since the process of initiation, growth and development is done in silence. Cancer cells first start to multiply and divide so as to make 2 cancer cells, then 4,8, then 16,32,64, and then exponentially to 128, 256 onward. Just realize that three quarters of the existence of a tumor remains undiscovered before the clinical stage. But one other important complexity of a malignant tumor is that within the same tumor, cancer cells may be differentiated from each other. Some cancer cells may have a high index of mutation while others have a different growth speed cycle (10-20-30 hours) and thus divide differently. Other cancer cells may even enter in the GO dormant phase of the cell cycle, do not divide anymore and are protected from destruction by chemotherapy drugs which target cancer cells only when they divide quickly. The cancer cells with slow division are not sensitive to chemotherapy even in the same tumor. This is why chemotherapy is inefficient on lung cancer since these cancer cells divide very slowly.

During dormancy in the GO phase cancer cells active their repair mechanism and become more resistant when they reenter the cycle sometime after not been destroyed by chemotherapy. This is why during chemotherapy cancer cells can spread even faster. Instead of improving patients get worse. This is what happens after a remission where many cancer cells enter into dormancy and then restart their cycle after few months or a few years to form a new tumor. However it has been shown that breast cancer recurrence for instance is associated with an immune deficiency, where often there is a failure or mutation of the P53 gene, mostly from bad dietary style and oxidative stress. Therefore some cancer cells may respond to apoptosis stimuli and be destroyed but others are more resistant, do not respond to chemotherapy and continue to divide. After being damaged they accumulate more mutations and become even more aggressive. This is more less the molecular basis of cancer that of course needs more details to explain, since a myriad of genes (oncogenes) is associates with certain cancers, cancer stage or metastasis cancer when they are activated, but you can view some of my lectures such as, “How to Understand and Treat Cancer from a Molecular Basis” or Integrative Cancer”, both available on Slideshare, .

Often it makes a difference between a tumor diagnosed with no metastases or a tumor already with multiple metastases. These genes or oncogenes can be targeted using dietary active compounds such as Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF.B), involved in many cellular processes including cell growth, cell differentiation and apoptosis, but when upregulated may to the contrary inhibit apoptosis and immune response and associate with metastasis invasion. C-Myc is an oncogene that normally plays a role in cell cycle progression and apoptosis but is often overexpressed or mutated in many cancers associated with metastasis and disease recurrence. The P53 tumor suppressor gene is part of a network that involves the function of many genes like TGF-B, Ras, Pten, C-Myc, while the mutation of P53 disrupts the other genes that start to be overexpressed, which is why we say that mutant P53 has a oncogenic function and not only associated with a failure of apoptosis.

One other example is the inhibition of apoptosis by survivin, a new inhibitor of apoptosis that is overexpressed in many cancers such breast and prostate that increases survival in cancer cells. Usually survivin expression is detected only in cancer tissue but not in healthy tissue and therefore is considered as a cancer Biomarker. The percentage of survivin-positive patients (and level of proteins) within the same tumor series is variable, ranging from 30-100%. This reflects the genetic heterogeneity of individual tumors and complexity of the disease, showing that each patient is an individual and therefore needs personalized treatment. In my clinic I can observe in similar types of breast cancer or prostate cancer the same overexpressed survivin proteins from a middle to very high level which in this case is an unfavorable marker of disease progression. We have also detected very early prostate cancer in patients with a high level of survivin proteins in their blood and treated them successfully without undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. We have also detected a very high level of survivin in breast disease recurrence along with a poor response to chemotherapy. Over the years we have accumulated enough experience with a variety of dietary active compounds to reduce or totally eliminate survivin activity and thus increase apoptosis and destruction of cancer cells by chemotherapy. I have offered many other examples in some of my lectures available on slideshare.

But of course there is another hypothesis or set of causative factors that associates with cancers such as mitochondrial and ATP energy failure, along with the breakdown of the cellular respiration caused by mitochondrial component damage and mtDNA mutation from an excess of endogenous free radicals and pollutants. ATP energy is essential for all cellular functions including cell differentiation, apoptosis and even to activate the immune system. Cell division and differentiation is 60% controlled by three DNA genomes and remaining 40% is controlled by the mitochondrial genome that drives the early cell division and differentiation cell performance. Meaning the decreasing ATP energy from a cancer phenotype means less differentiation as well as abnormal cells turning more and more into cancer cells. So it may be reasonable to say that cellular DNA mutation may be a secondary result of the primary process of mitochondrial dysfunction. It's important also to remember that apoptosis is driven by the mitochondria and not by the cell itself that only triggers the signal through the P53 gene, which in turn activates the pro-apoptotic gene Bax. Bax penetrates the mitochondria through the membrane and activates an enzyme called Cytochrome C, that's also released through the pore of the membrane in the Cytosol activating the apoptosis mechanism by further activating a family of proteins called Caspases. Survivin the IAP (Inhibitor of apoptosis) that I described above inhibits Caspases activity and counters the death of cancer cells by apoptosis. Therefore the membrane of mitochondria also plays a crucial role in the mechanism of apoptosis.

Cancer is a Disease of the Cellular Cycle

Thus cancer is both a disease of the cellular cycle but also of mitochondrial failure. See my articles,“Mitochondria and Cancer” and “The Clinical Evidence of Cellular Respiration to Target Cancer”, both available online. Consider further that the auto-intoxication and inflammation of the Extra Cellular Matrix is associated with tumorigenesis. A state of auto-intoxication and high oxidative stress triggers a chronic inflammation that modifies the fluid consistency of the ECM, causing an edema that leads to a total blockage of nearly all the exchange procedures between the body and the epithelial cells and pushes an abnormal cell with a genetic instability to become a cancer cell. In my new book, “ Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”, is not only about the colon but includes many other interesting chapters associated with cancer where I fully describe how auto-intoxication of the ECM can lead to cancer.

Today we know that the micro-environment plays a key role in tumor growth. We know that cancer cells are not isolated but are influenced by the condition of the micro-environment, even when tumor needs blood vessels in order to grow and expand. The tumor uses growth factors available in the micro-environment to attract blood vessels. In another one of my lectures, “The Biological Approach to Breast Cancer”, I present the relationship between the tumor and the micro-environment. Furthermore, inflammation of surrounding tissue in turn stimulates the further growth of a cancerous tumor which is associated with bad ground and bad inflammatory foods. We need to understand dietary style and detoxifying the body, especially the colon may be a key protection against cancer. Diet accounts for 30-40% of cancers. Industrial food is associated with higher cancer risk and will even rise in the future. Pollution and environmental toxins are also largely implicated, especially insecticides which are associated with breast and brain cancers. Scientists in the USA found a footprint of insecticides on the P53 gene located in chromosome 17 of the cell, which offers more proof of the implication of insecticides in causing cancer. We can discuss more about molecular medicine and a cell's DNA, but further ask, what makes a good cell? This depends on our food, our oxygen supply circulating in the blood, having blood free of toxins, pollutants and bacteria, which also depends on having a good immune system. So we need a clean colon and to prevent auto-intoxication of the colon. This is also an important step that we often forget about that I describe in my book. You'll never find a cancer patient especially in women without intestinal dysfunction and chronic constipation or patients not having nutritional deficiency and intoxicated blood.

Cell Cycle and Cancer

Excess industrial foods, toxins and stress reduce the activity of the immune system which is supposed to protect us from cancer. In the year 1900, 1 person out of 100 developed the risk of cancer, but today we have reached 1 person out of 3, while soon 1 in 2 will develop a cancer. While enormous progress has been done in the discovery of new mechanisms such the cell cycle, tumor suppressor genes, hundreds of recent articles focusing on new attractive treatments, it's still only in the theoretical phase and not yet a clinical application since the cornerstone of medicine is only concentrated on research and development for new treatments of chemotherapy with hundreds of millions of dollars invested, but in return for billions of dollars of profit.

Little research has been done on the preventive and therapeutic value of food against cancer, yet we know that many foods and dietary compounds can change genetic expression such as in brain and prostate cancer, where cruciferous vegetables, selenium, zinc, flax seed, vitamin D and chlorella extract offer increased protection against cancer or may be used together with conventional therapy for better results. We have to learn how to influence our internal landscape and not open the door to cancer.

Today a new science called Epigenetics suggests that many cancers may not be caused solely by mutations in genes but by changes in how the genes function. They can work faster or more slowly. Environmental toxins are mostly implicated in Epigenetic change, particularly the example of the P53 that I mentioned with a footprint of insecticides. The gene is shut down not only by mutation but they do not produce P53 protein. This is what I have often observed from the testing I have done on my cancer patients. Some have a totally inactive P53 without P53 protein, while others harbor mutated P53. The epigenetic transformation can be transmitted through several generations and with no surprise this new generation is much more vulnerable. Suppressed or mutated P53 is transmitted to our descendants who are already born with a deficient or mutated P53, already on the way to cancer. We need more attention from pediatric doctors caring for our children. This disease can also arise much later especially if we keep our bad life style where their parents think they are healthy or have healthy children. However this interaction between genes and the environment can also affect a number of susceptible persons, while others remain unaffected.

However my book gives all the details about the theory of cancer, about Epigenetics and the environment, how food can modulate our genes, the role of the P53 tumor suppressor gene and also about mitochondria and their implication in cancer. It especially offers the reader full details about diet, about food, juice combinations and especially about how to detoxify the body and the colon, so you can be more healthy and have a better chance to prevent cancer.