Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Miracle of Our Medicine

Each time conventional medicine cannot cure or even help a patient especially in the case of incurable diseases, we say it is a miracle when it can be solved through Naturopathic or Alternative medicine. I previously presented the case of a young man that came to see me some 38 years ago with collapsed kidneys who was handed a death sentence, but today you can see him presented in the before and after photos previously published in this blog.

In my book, “Health and Disease Begin In the Colon”, I showed the case of woman with Melas syndrome (incurable) which also was published in the Townsend Letter. It was really something to show how we could improve and modify the physical aspect of this patient and give her back some normal life. During all my 50 years of practice I have performed so many of these 'MIRACLES' especially with cancer patients since most of my patients have cancer. Patients talk to other patients and that this the way you fill up your clinic.

Right now I am finishing a new book in which I include around 30 or 40 cases of cancer patients where even some had been treated without surgery and chemotherapy and their illness resolved, where we may say some of these cases were miraculous!

Today I would like to present a new case that really has been a miracle with this young woman named Patricia, who came to my clinic practically blind, walking in by the side of her mother not having any vision, only blurred light. Her disease was called orbital cellulitis and was caused by a bacterial infection of the tissues around the eyes. This bacteria might also spread to your eyes as a result of a sinus infection but Patricia got the bacteria while at the hospital for a check up. Orbital cellulitis may cause vision problems and even total blindness as was in Patricia's case. She kept on getting worse each time she saw her doctors, who told her that she had to get used to her blindness for the rest of her life. She had to be prepared to walk with a cane and learn to move about like other blind people. Can you believe this! So many other diseases have no cure as proclaimed by doctors, also being written in black and white in their text books that declare nothing can be done.

However having been confronted with this new case, I wanted to to see it if was treatable as in the case of Melas syndrome, to discover what can be done! But we can always say:


Of course initially I did not have any idea about what I could do for her, yet even at the beginning I was not very enthusiastic to handle this case even telling her mother that I saw no solution. But Patricia looked so desperate, so sad, with such anxiety over being permanently blind for the rest of her life; a girl of 24 years can you imagine?? They insisted so much that I decided to try something innovative. Often my intuition is good.

After several months of treatment, today Patricia can live her life normally, walk by herself, drive her car, finishing this nightmare. Of course in the hospital no doctor could understand what happened to her or how she recovered, but they also asked no questions about what she had done.

 Patricia, December 2017 When She First Began to Recover

I witnessed Patricia recovering little by little. Each time she came in, other patients recognized her, talked to her and also witnessed her recovery. A cancer patient who came in from France was in the waiting room at Patricia's first consultation gave her the address of one of the world's best hospitals in Paris for eye problems with highly specialized doctors and professors. Yesterday, 4th April 2018 by coincidence, the patient came in for consultation and by the way, we had by then eliminated the metastasis to his liver where now he no longer needs surgery. Patricia was also in her for her treatment that she keeps up to make sure she would be totally cured. There was no longer any need for her to go to Paris to this special hospital. So you may imagine the reaction of the man when he saw Patrica reading a journal! Previously she could not read or even watch TV. As the photos show today Patricia is a very happy girl. Truly this is really a miracle. Of course she had considerable help from her mother who was ready to do anything or go anywhere to save the vision of her daughter. This is the type of reward we have in life instead of a medal from a Society that totally ignores what we can accomplish. The media did not even show a little interest in the case.

Patricia in March 2018 Looking Better, Happier Her Vison Totally Recovered

When you have a patient with a difficult case in front of you to resolve you can go by the book but also from your intuition which for me, always works. In fact it was the same with the case of the Melas syndrome. If you search there is nothing on both sides of medicine but my intuition told me to use some special therapy that I described in the article. Now for the time being I will keep secret what I have done to treat his case a secret because often it is not easy and you have to spend considerable time and energy to think and innovate but I can share my knowledge with those who are in the same situation or doctors who really may want to learn about my approach. Just send me an email: