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Cancer of the Ovary

This is the case of a 55-year-old woman diagnosed in 2016 with a cancer of the ovary followed by surgery, chemotherapy, and remission. However, in August  2018 the patient had a newly detected recurrence with lesions to the liver and peritoneum.

Her scan showed 4 lesions to her liver along with abdominal lesions. One lesion was localized between the thorax wall and the right lobe of the liver. The patient was subjected to a new chemotherapy regimen that November, but because of side effects and an episode of anaphylactic shock, her chemotherapy was postponed.

The patient came to my clinic in December 2018 looking for an alternative. She was not feeling very good, had lost weight, her appetite and felt desperate. The CA 125 was low at 11.5 and CA 15.3.13. However,  this differs with each patient and I have seen pancreatic cancer with low CA.19.9 and in other very highly activated cases.

After discussion and her hospital records she brought together with the scan, I saw an opportunity to prescribe my protocol that targets cancer in especially 3 main directions also known as the hallmarks of cancer.

1- Apoptosis

2- Angiogenesis

3- Immune system

Of course, we also had to reduce inflammation, for example, Nuclear Factor-Kappa B and Cox 2 activity.


Biobran: 3 gr. per day

Liquid curcumin: 4500 Mg. per day

C-Statin: (plant extract, a potent angiogenesis inhibitor).

6 capsules per day according to your physician)

Melatonin: 3 gr. per day

Enzyme yeast cell preparation (Zell-Oxygen): 60ml per day. (1)

The patient followed the treatment until April 2019, whereupon a new scan showed major improvement, elimination of the lesions and the image together with the comment on the Scan indicated no sign of malignancy. This was a remarkable result in a short period of time. 


The result obtained in this case was definitively in favor of my protocol with the compilation of the Natural Compounds and synergistic effect of Biobran and Curcuma and the targeting effect on angiogenesis with the product C-Statin made from field bindweed that contains the proteoglycan molecule. Previously I had used during nearly a 15 year period frozen liquid cartilage extract which had a strong efficacy, but it became over time more difficult to import quantities of the frozen liquid from Canada ( now US). this is why I am now using C-Statin in my protocol since I have observed upon several occasions the strong efficacy on angiogenesis such as inhibition of VEGF. More recently in a case of an aggressive breast cancer with a 5cm wide tumor that reduced to 13mm after a little over three months taking my treatment. So this case really shows how a tumor should be targeted.

Of course, the patient must continue to take the treatment during the coming months, but here we have already demonstrated that selected natural compounds may have anticancer properties, have shown their efficacy with synergistic effect and especially have no toxic effect. The treatment was accompanied with an anti-cancer 
diet (2).

My new book, “CANCER TREATMENT BREAKTHROUGH, Immuno-Oncology Using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound” offers all the details about Biobran and my cancer protocol including an illustrated chapter on the synergistic effects of Biobran and Curcumin to reduce fast tumor growth. A whole chapter is included on clinical cases. The book is to soon be published in the US  and should be available by September/Oct 2019. If you want to be informed of the publication date, please contact me directly.

(1)-  Serge Jurasunas, “The Clinical Evidence of Cellular Respiration.” - Available online

(2)- Serge Jurasunas, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon, Featuring Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine.”

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My 40-Year Anniversary as a Knight of the SOSJ, 1978-2018 By Grand Master Serge Jurasunas

My 40-Year Anniversary as a Knight of the SOSJ, 1978-2018

By Grand Master Serge Jurasunas

These photos were taken during a private induction ceremony, arranged by

Professor Peter Platzer and officiated over by Grand Master Serge Jurasunas, of an important group of initiates traveling to the Chapel of Szidona Castle in Hungary, from as far away as Russia. Right Photo: Professor Nebel inducted as Knight Grand Cross in the Order.

In 1978 I entered the Order and became a Knight of Grace because I was searching for something different in my life, something that portrayed the highest values, that I believed in. I was searching for ways to serve God and to help humanity. This was something that I needed greatly, which served me immensely during the course of my profession. I had realized that disease was not only physical but it also involved the patient who needed both to be educated and to trust himself/herself. In order to cure himself, he needed to have faith and to believe in God. In my opinion, this is especially true for the cancer patient who like most other patients needs something to believe in and fight for, otherwise, their only other option would be to face death.

Now If I remember correctly because 40 years ago is a long time, we met with H.E. Baron Vella Haber who was then the International Grand Prior of the Order, in an old 15th-century tavern in a small town called Horn, located in Holland. It was there I celebrated my Solemn Investiture Ceremony together with two more postulants.

From that day onwards, I became increasingly involved with the Order and built a very good relationship with H.E. Vella Haber. Over the years I progressed one step at a time, first as Knight Commander, then as a Knight Grand Cross, and then as Baliff. I was also nominated Ambassador at Large, Grand Hospitaller and finally my good and respected friend H.E. Vella Haber sent me a letter asking me if I would accept the position of Grand Master among other nominees who would be voted in by the International sovereign Council. When I had accepted this responsibility, my main aim was to become even more devoted to the Order and to really assume the role of Spiritual Protector. For me it was not, and has never been, just to have this position for its prestige.

In the beginning, I was honored with the concession of running my own clinic under the auspices of the SOSJ, in this respect feeling very privileged to have received a decree sent to me by H.E. Vella Haber. It made a big difference because now I was practicing under the Oath of the Order and helping patients in need, just the same as when back at the beginning of the eleventh century, Fra. Gerardo opened a small hospital to help the injured, the sick and the poor.  This really fulfilled my spirit and it showed me what path in life would be like in the future.  If before I felt committed to my patients, I now felt even more committed to both God and to the Order, having taken the Vows of a Knight. From here on I would be practicing in their names to whom I now became accountable.

I thus felt I that was not alone performing my daily duty since   God and the Order were both by my side. Thereupon I thusly decided to exhibit a large framed portrait of Christ in my consulting office. Indeed this inspired so many patients to ask me for a copy, which I was more than pleased to offer especially during the Christmas season. This was the same figure of Christ that was published in the Observer along with a small article that I wrote some years ago.  Two other beautiful framed figures of Christ were also displayed in other parts of the clinic including the waiting room alongside the decree showing that my clinic was being run under the protection of the SOSJ. What an honor indeed it was for me to display such a decree!

Can I say that the Order changed something in my life? Most definitely, since I no longer felt alone as I was now experiencing a spiritual support which provided me with an even greater motivation to help those of my patients who felt totally lost. Whenever I quoted them some of the words that Christ had uttered I was also teaching them about the real values of life. Personally, I felt a greater strength inside of me as I became more involved with the lives of my patients. I realized that for many of them, their disease, their illness was mainly associated with psychological and/or family problems. Over the years I became the confidant for many of my patients, having been able to personally advise them how they should handle these problems. Today it seems very easy for me to advise a patient but of course with a half-century of experience behind me. I feel this service enabled me to acquire greater skills. Unfortunately, in recent years, human beings have become like machines with no roots in the past, no education, and no sacred beliefs. This is tragic since our society leans toward permanent violence and crime even within the family nucleus. Juvenile violence has become a world-wide problem. Many of us are no longer able to tell the difference between what is good and what is bad. We have become indifferent and immune to malice, to violence and to betrayal. We are losing many of our values and we badly need to review and learn once again those which are the real principles of life.

Over the years, I subsequently became a very great friend of H.E. Vella Haber. I had the highest respect for him especially for how he dedicated his own life to the Order. Needless to say, he was well aware of my devotion to the Order and my love for humanity along with all my accomplishments in the medical field over the ensuing years. This was probably the reason he wanted me to become the new Grand Master of the Order after H.E. Baron Kenneth Bertram Benfield de Palmanova, of Coventry (U.K.), passed away to a better life.

Since I became Grand Master, I have often tried and hoped to inspire the Observer’s readership via my articles addressing the spiritual nature of our being. This is not always easy when one currently works in the field of science, but I guess because of the very nature I was able to combine both spirituality and science.  That permitted me to really offer considerable spiritual support, strength to fight by means of my faith in God, especially in Christ, whilst I was ministering to many of my patients. What is so exceptionally fulfilling is that after 50 years I still have the same patients as well as the same families that still come to me for consultation.

           Left: Anna Ruska (Russia), Inducted as Knight & Dame.        
           Right: Professor Nebel, Inducted to the Rank of  Knight 
                      Grand Cross.

So I may say that I have had a very rich life during my 50 years of practice, where several patients owe me their lives, having been healed if not cured of their ‘incurable diseases’. I remember one patient, a 36-year-old man, who after having been under complete remission from a bad multiple myeloma cancer, organized a mass in his village church inviting all his friends, neighbors, family myself and my wife, to thank them for their support. He also offered to thank God for letting him live,  since he was the father of two children. A few months earlier we had gone to Rome with the staff of my clinic where upon arrival, we all went to St. Peter’s Cathedral to pray for this patient. So after all, not only is God always very kind, he listens to our prayers.

Is it He who guides me through my role as Grand Master of the Order? I am sure that his hands lead me through the decisions I have to make and through His help, I have been able to always live up to the Vows I took during my Investiture Ceremony.  Yes, perhaps that is what I am most proud of: of never having fallen short of this promise to defend the Order at all times and to loyal to it forever.

Yours in Saint John,

H. E. the Grand Master of the S.O.S.J.

Bailiff Grand Cross Serge Jurasunas

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Women Living in Fear of Their Cancer

Lately I've been confronted more than ever with middle aged women breast cancer patients in a stage of fear and anxiety after having totally accepted any barbaric surgery, long term chemotherapy and radiation without thinking of the eventual consequences often resulting in little or no benefit. As mentioned by Dr. Arnold Burstein of Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute many women think, “If I don't get chemotherapy I'm certainly going to die, but if I get chemo I'm going to be cured”. Usually the benefit turns out to be little or even none. Subsequently there's a greater risk of metastasis diffusion, secondary cancer recurrence and death at the end. This is what I often witness in my clinic with these poor women coming in with more metastasis and in recurrence who continue to experiment with even more chemotherapy.

One day I told one such patient, “If the chemotherapy didn't cure you the first time why you think it will cure you now?” We have never seen a case of breast cancer recurrence with metastasis to the liver, bones, lungs having ever been cured by chemotherapy. Yet Oncologists proclaim that it's only their treatment can cure cancer.

Well, let's tell the truth, today no one is speaking of cure but only of stopping tumor progression even without a decrease in size. This is considered a success because it may prolong the patient's life, how about that ! We are still quite far from, 'THE CURE IS AT OUR DOOR, CANCER WILL BE SOON CURED' as is often reported by the media.

We are looking at the cancer and the treatment of cancer in the wrong direction. Since medicine first discovered that the poisonous mustard gas used during WWI and especially WWII could be toxic to tumors, they started to use it as a heavy toxic weapon in lieu of using any other treatment. This move by Oncology to use a weapon that was supposed to kill the tumor has instead brought tragic consequences for the patient while at the same time it became an enormous industry with huge financial profits. In fact cancer become the most profitable sector for the pharmaceutical industry with a probable turnover in excess of over 500 billion dollars per year.

I first want to say that chemotherapy is not selective. After being injected in the vein it becomes a poison for the entire body while chemotherapy by itself is also carcinogenic. However the tragedy is that since that day medical doctors see and worry only about the tumor as the cancer disease, they have little or no consideration for other approaches but especially for the patient. One doctor wrote in an article, “We learn how to treat disease but not to understand the suffering of the patient.” Cancer is far from being only a localized disease which must be destroyed by any possible means. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation focus only on the tumor but we also have to look the body, mind and spirit as a whole. 

Some patients but especially breast cancer patients may have what I call a “BREAST CANCER PROFILE” meaning they are very nervous and emotional people, having a bad colon and a disturbed microbiome. We not only have our second brain associated with disturbed brain function, but we also have the relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. A new Science is called psychoneuroimmunology. Today the connection between the Brain and Immunity is well documented and shows how the hypothalamus plays a key role in the emotional response to stress. There also is a relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. I have spent over 20 years observing breast cancer patient irises and have built a special chart showing the corresponding iris signs. What you really see is a collarette going in a zig-zag pattern, mostly inflamed, accentuated in the brain area, the spleen, the thymus and often entering into the mammary zone. So it really shows the: Breast + Nervous System + Colon axis (but also other cancers such ovarian, for instance). Frequently these patients are very emotional and can be depressed, anxious, afraid to die and willing to accept anything the medical doctors say but most often will not consider showing herself how to take responsibility and actively pursue something different. Others are divided between accepting conventional medicine and trying some alternative but keep to their traditional profile where the outcome is not always the best. That being said I feel that iridology is very helpful to monitor the overall condition and profile of the patient, but very rarely do doctors working with cancer ever use Iridology as a diagnostic tool, which is too bad being very important (See my article, “Health and Disease by Iridology Examination” or for an even better understanding read my book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon”).

I recently had a case of a middle age woman that during pregnancy was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer. She submitted to a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy which indeed didn't save her since metastasis had now been diagnosed in the ganglions with secondary nodules. She then went back for more chemotherapy which as we know was certainly not the solution. However she was very emotional and would hardly ever really change, which I realized after 2 consultations. This is a tragic case of a mother of 3 children but here we have a real world example of a breast cancer profile where we have to spend more time to speak to her so that she needs to adopt a better attitude to not be a loser, to offer better understanding explaining that we can help but 50% of the results is in her hands no matter how long it will take. I decided to give her an injectable Hypothalamus treatment (from live cells), 2 ampules twice per week over a 2 week duration together with melatonin which down-regulates the hypothalamus reducing the production of estrogen but also balances the nervous system. Such patients always show not only a very low level of melatonin, but a clinician also needs to look for candida invasion which was the case with this patient. Her Live Blood Analysis really showed enormous colonies of candida after taking 3 chemotherapy treatments, an indication of a major decrease in immune cell activity. Candida produces toxins that greatly disturb the immune system and favor mutation of the P53 tumor suppressor gene.

I always use hypothalamus i.m for very emotional patients with various health problems and it really works very well. She may get better where we can let her body fight the disease, especially with her immune cells.

Lately I came across an article called, 'New Molecular Marker Could Predict if Breast Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy', but the truth was it presented only the BcL2 gene, more of an oncogene that increases survival of cancer cells and resistance to treatment. I am very familiar with BcL2 having used it for about 12 years in my patient blood testing. The article mentions that BcL2 retains its ability to predict whether chemotherapy will be beneficial in the short term or long term, even when a cancer recurs many years later.

Wonderful! Since this is what I already have been doing, what I see looking at the test results with my patients who often show high overexpressed BcL2 thus no benefit from chemotherapy. The problem being this concept is simply not understood by patients and even by most Oncologists. I have been doing complete molecular markers testing including P53, BcL2, Bax, Survivin, P21 where we have have here some independent cancer makers that also serve as a diagnostic, prognosis and treatment follow up. Personally speaking I feel all alone with little understanding even when making lectures in congresses and seminars.

However over the years I have been able to select natural dietary compounds that simply target such genes which I can always observe and verify via the blood testing of my patients. This explains why they get more benefit from just chemotherapy. Now with such breast cancer patients we can mention once again the case of the double mastectomy patient who showed an overexpressed BcL2 and survivin. Her prognosis initially indicated that if her treatment could not decrease their activity she will suffer from more metastasis in the future. I am waiting to see her second test results. Other such patients usually have mutated P53 protein which has consequences from the poor chemotherapy results. One of my breast cancer patients, a medical doctor entered into a state of panic after completing her blood testing where I was obliged to have stern words saying, 'You are not a child to act like that'. I heard she decided to practice some yoga which offers a positive attitude that will help her.

Now coming back to my double mastectomy patient, not even a month had passed when we found my treatment reduced metastasis in the ganglions and the secondary nodules so I expect to see an improvement in her second blood testing. Some breast cancer patients are winners from the beginning and others are losers. This example shows the big difference, which is not always a question of chemotherapy treatment or complementary treatment but rather a question of genetic profile, mind and hereditary condition.

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'Professor Serge Jurasunas Protocol for Cancer Treatment' (Available in slideshare).

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The Miracle of Our Medicine

Each time conventional medicine cannot cure or even help a patient especially in the case of incurable diseases, we say it is a miracle when it can be solved through Naturopathic or Alternative medicine. I previously presented the case of a young man that came to see me some 38 years ago with collapsed kidneys who was handed a death sentence, but today you can see him presented in the before and after photos previously published in this blog.

In my book, “Health and Disease Begin In the Colon”, I showed the case of woman with Melas syndrome (incurable) which also was published in the Townsend Letter. It was really something to show how we could improve and modify the physical aspect of this patient and give her back some normal life. During all my 50 years of practice I have performed so many of these 'MIRACLES' especially with cancer patients since most of my patients have cancer. Patients talk to other patients and that this the way you fill up your clinic.

Right now I am finishing a new book in which I include around 30 or 40 cases of cancer patients where even some had been treated without surgery and chemotherapy and their illness resolved, where we may say some of these cases were miraculous!

Today I would like to present a new case that really has been a miracle with this young woman named Patricia, who came to my clinic practically blind, walking in by the side of her mother not having any vision, only blurred light. Her disease was called orbital cellulitis and was caused by a bacterial infection of the tissues around the eyes. This bacteria might also spread to your eyes as a result of a sinus infection but Patricia got the bacteria while at the hospital for a check up. Orbital cellulitis may cause vision problems and even total blindness as was in Patricia's case. She kept on getting worse each time she saw her doctors, who told her that she had to get used to her blindness for the rest of her life. She had to be prepared to walk with a cane and learn to move about like other blind people. Can you believe this! So many other diseases have no cure as proclaimed by doctors, also being written in black and white in their text books that declare nothing can be done.

However having been confronted with this new case, I wanted to to see it if was treatable as in the case of Melas syndrome, to discover what can be done! But we can always say:


Of course initially I did not have any idea about what I could do for her, yet even at the beginning I was not very enthusiastic to handle this case even telling her mother that I saw no solution. But Patricia looked so desperate, so sad, with such anxiety over being permanently blind for the rest of her life; a girl of 24 years can you imagine?? They insisted so much that I decided to try something innovative. Often my intuition is good.

After several months of treatment, today Patricia can live her life normally, walk by herself, drive her car, finishing this nightmare. Of course in the hospital no doctor could understand what happened to her or how she recovered, but they also asked no questions about what she had done.

 Patricia, December 2017 When She First Began to Recover

I witnessed Patricia recovering little by little. Each time she came in, other patients recognized her, talked to her and also witnessed her recovery. A cancer patient who came in from France was in the waiting room at Patricia's first consultation gave her the address of one of the world's best hospitals in Paris for eye problems with highly specialized doctors and professors. Yesterday, 4th April 2018 by coincidence, the patient came in for consultation and by the way, we had by then eliminated the metastasis to his liver where now he no longer needs surgery. Patricia was also in her for her treatment that she keeps up to make sure she would be totally cured. There was no longer any need for her to go to Paris to this special hospital. So you may imagine the reaction of the man when he saw Patrica reading a journal! Previously she could not read or even watch TV. As the photos show today Patricia is a very happy girl. Truly this is really a miracle. Of course she had considerable help from her mother who was ready to do anything or go anywhere to save the vision of her daughter. This is the type of reward we have in life instead of a medal from a Society that totally ignores what we can accomplish. The media did not even show a little interest in the case.

Patricia in March 2018 Looking Better, Happier Her Vison Totally Recovered

When you have a patient with a difficult case in front of you to resolve you can go by the book but also from your intuition which for me, always works. In fact it was the same with the case of the Melas syndrome. If you search there is nothing on both sides of medicine but my intuition told me to use some special therapy that I described in the article. Now for the time being I will keep secret what I have done to treat his case a secret because often it is not easy and you have to spend considerable time and energy to think and innovate but I can share my knowledge with those who are in the same situation or doctors who really may want to learn about my approach. Just send me an email:

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September, 2017 - Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa)


In September, 2017 Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine - School of Medicine conferred upon Serge Jurasunas N.D., M.D.(Hom), Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) in recognition of his work in the field of Alternative Medicine, along with his unique contributions to medical science having developed Live Blood Analysis, Oxidative Dried Blood Testing and innovations in the science of Iridology. Recently in the field of molecular medicine he created a bridge between the 2 medicines and contributed to the development of a new paradigm in patient treatment in the field of Integrative Oncology and nutrition. His research in the clinical application of molecular markers came about as a result of having treated cancer patients for over 4 decades, developing new protocols. 

Professor Serge Jurasunas with Honorius Causa Degree

The following accomplishments led up the conferring this honorary degree as a true pioneer in the field of Integrative Oncology:

Dr. Jurasunas has traveled to more than 40 countries to both organize, participate and teach at numerous conferences having authored numerous scientific articles, over 150 papers and 7 books, and being a frequent contributor to The Townsend Letter magazine led to the receipt of the diploma of Doctor of Medicine (Honorius Causa) awarded by the President of Pan American University, the honorable Prof. Charles Mc William in recognition of all the work and accomplishments achieved by Dr. Jurasunas in over half a century.

Serge Jurasunas had been previously honored several times during his 50 year career having received the degree of Doctor of Indigenous Medicine from the Minister of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka where he spent time to teach and to work in the Hospital of Colombo.

In November 1996 he was appointed a Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. in recognition of all his work and teaching, his research and clinical practice in the field of cancer and for his contributions to the development of medical microscopy and iridology.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his practice and research an additional special honor was recently given him for his contribution to the development of Integrative Medicine and Oncology and his practice with patients in his Lisbon clinic.

Lifetime Achievement Award

During the 18th Annual Iridology and Integrative Health Care Congress 2017, held in Orlando, Florida Serge Jurasunas was honored with the Life Achievement Award conferred on him by Dr. David Pesek N.D., PhD., President of the International College of Iridology, during a special ceremony. One other special award, which was unexpected, was also conferred on Professor Serge Jurasunas for his major contributions in the field of cancer treatment and research especially for devoting his life to the fight against cancer, devoting his time and energy to serving his patients. Serge Jurasunas' clinical experience lasted over a 50 year span, where he treated cancer patients with all types and grades, yet he also devoted considerable time by educating them in ways to better accept and fight this disease. It was not a easy task and he devoted considerable time and energy.

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Professor Serge Jurasunas by Dr. David J. Pesek

This was the supreme honor bestowed upon him to celebrate his entire life which was dedicated not only to treating disease, teaching and conducting research but also in spreading the philosophy and principles of Natural Medicine throughout the world.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida

18th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress - 20-23th October 2017. Orlando Florida.

Pan Am School of Medicine Confers Upon Serge Jurasunas the Degree of doctor of Medicine (Honorious Causa); Speech of Serge Jurasunas Upon Being Presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International College of Iridology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, Dr. Pesek:

First I am deeply honored to have been presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, surely a special day in my life. Most of you in this audience do not know me but I am well known in US in other areas of Alternative Medicine and Integrative Oncology from my frequent articles published not only in US but other countries like Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Belgium and more.

I start practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor and Iridologist back in 1967 in Montreal Canada where I opened my first consulting office after having been invited during a TV program to speak about Iridology and to show some iris case photos. Probably not even the TV journalist who invited me could have imagined the reaction of the public and the hundreds of phone calls they received to ask for my phone and contact information. At the time Iridology was unknown in Montreal and no doctors were practicing this method. It was a different period back then with no internet, little information where we were obliged to practice empirical methods using the Healing Power of Nature as our medicine. Iridology was one possible way of diagnosis.

At that time my knowledge was limited by what I had learned from the nutritional method and Iridology teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen, which offered a basis of how to approach and treat disease. Of course at the same time I was taking a course of Naturopathy at the only government registered College existing in Quebec called, Le College des Naturopathes du Quebec. Later on upon returning to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine in South Africa and graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.

Why and how I entered into this new world, this conception of nutritional food was all new to me in my youth. While I was living in Los Angeles this by itself was a most interesting experience in my life, but it was not a coincidence as I am going to explain since it totally changed my whole life.


A couple of years after my arrival in Los Angeles I began to feel strong nervous tension, depression and the problem of weaker vision. After consulting a neurologist, he found nothing wrong with me and suggested that I should consult a psychiatric doctor which I refused. At that time one of my neighbors was a French Lady who lived over 20 years in India and developed colon cancer. She was treated only with a Nature Cure with a famous Naturopath at his clinic. She totally recovered and decided to stay and work in the clinic. At that time in Los Angeles she was on strict diet, eating mostly raw food, drinking plenty of vegetable juice, taking sitz baths and enemas. This was all new to me, not making much sense at least in the beginning. One day I asked her what should I do? OK she said, I know a good doctor, I am working in his consulting office over the week end and can ask him to see you. He is a doctor of Natural living, which seemed very strange to me, but I thought, OK why not!

This is the way I met Dr. Bernard Jensen who diagnosed his patients through the iris of their eyes, a science called Iridology. This is precisely what he had done with me and proceeded to explain what wrong with me and what I should do to recover my health. He spoke about nutrition, gave me a prescription of vitamins, supplements, food diet and some recipes for vegetable juice cocktails. I also bought at his office his book, “Vital Food for Total Health” to start to become acquainted with nutrition and see how I could cook my new food.


I felt enthusiastic about Dr Jensen . I also bought another book from Dr. Jensen, “The Science and Practice of Iridology”, that I started to read immediately. I also began to change my dietary style. Having been fascinated by Dr. Jensen and interested in his work, he subsequently invited me to come along with him to Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, California not far from the Mont Palomar. The purpose was for me to see for myself, directly observing how patients can recover their health with Dr. Jensen's Natural Medicine and Nutrition. In fact Hidden Valley Health Ranch was essentially a very big clinic for patients equipped with bedrooms and land for growing organic vegetables and fruits. Patients were treated only with natural therapies, nutrition, fasting, colon therapies, juice therapy, chiropractic,some medical devices, detox and additionally a wide range of vitamins, minerals, tonics of Dr. Jensen's own formulation.


I stayed several times at Hidden Valley Health Ranch, observing and learning from living patients treated in front of me where I could follow day after day how they recovered only as a result of Natural Healing. Absolutely fantastic! Then Dr. Jensen had me stay by his side during his iris observation of patients. He explain what he saw, what was the problem with a particular patient and what he may need to improve and recover. I started to draw with color pencils a virgin chart of the iris signs found by Dr. Jensen associating them with symptoms or organic dysfunction. This process drove me directly to understand the vital importance of Iridology if we want to truly practice Naturopathy.

It was during this time that I decided this will be my life's work and planned what would be required for future study. I planned to take a Naturopathic course which was in fact the advice I received from Dr. Jensen. Thus I made the decision to move to Quebec, Canada where I could study more easily under the French language. Later upon my return to Europe I decided to take a course in Homeopathic Medicine, having been most interested in its theory and practice so I went to South Africa for a course at the government approved Homeopathic College of South Africa and graduated as Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine.


I had been reading many health books from pioneers like Arnold Ehret, Mac Fadden, Tilden and Paul Bragg. Then one day I found a book called, “ A Cancer Therapy - Result of 50 Cases,” by Dr. Max Gerson. Reading this book opened my mind about the nature of cancer disease, especially how it could be treated. Both doctors Jensen and Max Gerson were using large quantities of vegetable juices for their patients. However Dr. Jensen was not treating cancer, but only some exceptional cases.

Although my practice was successful I was not satisfied because of the weak knowledge in Iridology, mostly limited to Dr. Jensen's book. I felt I should investigate more and learn more about this science. Also my mind began to be think more and more about what is cancer and also how to treat this disease, although at the time I found Dr. Max Gerson's book to be quite impressive.

I then decided to close up my practice in Quebec and return to Europe, mainly to Germany to obtain more knowledge about Iridology with some of the masters such Joseph Deck, then one of the great Iridologists and also to know more about cancer. I met some German researchers, and doctors such Paul Seeger, a student of Otto Warburg who was working with cancer associating cancer with the theory of cellular respiration and mitochondrial function which today increasingly attracts more scientific inquiry to research the real cause of cancer outside the myth of DNA cell mutation as the only known cause of cancer. Also Dr. Siegfried Wolz, an Engineer who developed the Live Yeast Cells preparation under the suggestion of Paul Seeger (see my work on this topic online). This discovery opened a new direction for me in the way to treat cancer obtaining much better results.

In 1970 I moved to Portugal where I met my wife Lucie and opened a consulting office. Then in 1976 a larger clinic, followed in 1983 by a new 3 story clinic with organic gardening and all the facilities.

From that day on I started my involvement not only with Iridology research and practice but also with other types of check ups that expanded my interest, such Live Blood Analysis and the Oxidative Dried Blood test that I developed. I offer some detailed information about this test in my new book recently published in English. Cancer disease became my main interest both in research and treatment where over the years I have developed some innovative therapies, published several important papers and booklets about cancer and started my involvement with molecular medicine as a new way to approach cancer. Today my work is recognized on 3 continents which is really rewarding to see as a result of all the years I devoted to increase my knowledge and experience in this field. You may also read my new book that includes some of my theories and experiences with treating cancer.


I also spent considerable time investigating breast cancer and its associated iris signs ever since breast cancer became one of my main interests in investigation and treatment. After several years of observing the irises of breast cancer patients I developed a chart of breast cancer iris signs and started to publish some articles and documents about the subject. My new book includes a full illustrated chapter on breast cancer.

However lately I have pursued a new direction. I have been appointed Professor of Naturopathic Oncology at the Pan Am University of Sciences and Natural Medicine where we set up a course for our students. While it would take too long now to explain what I have accomplished, the books that I haven published, lectures delivered in over 45 countries, over 150 papers, my innovative therapies, my new research on iris signs associated with apoptosis and P53 mutation, the various Awards and Prize that I received during my life such as the Silver Medal of Research and Invention in 1979 for my contribution in the field of Iridology. The Van de Arbeid decoration for the elite in their profession created by the late King of Belgium Albert I, the Gold Medal from the International Academy of Lutece of Art, Sciences and Letters in Paris, the Grand Academic gold Collar from the International Academia Di Pontzen Italia the highest decoration of the Academy. But you can learn additional information about me and my work on my website, on slideshare, my blog and of course from my book which is also important for all the Iridologists and Naturopaths to study since it offers a wealth of knowledge. My new book is well illustrated and includes many facts on modern Naturopathy as well as in other directions associated with more scientific facts about cancer and apoptosis.


I am grateful to David Pesek and the International College of Iridology for this Award. It really crowns my 50 years of professional practice, my life's work and especially all the time I have dedicated to healing and the fight for the life of my patients. This is often painful yet often comes with great success. Over the past decades many patients owe me their life. We have a saying that saving the life of one person is like saving the whole world. This makes me feel happy. I am grateful that God has given me this opportunity
to serve humanity and to better understand his natural laws of healing.

So thank you very much and remember that knowledge is important, learning is important if you want to be a good doctor.
Thank you for your attention

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Read My New Article Published in The Townsend Letter, August/September 2017

The Molecular basis of Prostate Cancer and Targeting

I have spent nearly 10 year investigating the P53 tumor suppressor and other apoptotic players followed by the clinical application of molecular markers by testing cancer patients before and after treatment based upon various protocols that I have researched.

We know that cancer is a disease of the cell cycle and involves a myriad of genes that have lost their control, are activated or suppressed leading to uncontrolled proliferation and later on to cells that do not die from apoptosis becoming cancer cells. Today I am well acquainted with the P53 tumor suppressor gene, our most important apoptotic gene but also the one most subject to mutation that occurs in over 50% of all cancers. In my clinic we mostly treat cancer patients and whenever possible we perform a complete molecular markers testing profile that includes P53, Bax ,BcL2, Survivin gene expression (the ones I am speaking about in this article) which offer real scientific evidence concerning the therapeutic effect and result from the applied treatment meaning the different compounds such the ones I propose in my article for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Metastatic prostate cancer is not always a fatality and incurable as claimed by conventional Oncology.
This is an excerpt from a lecture given by a medical doctor on Prostate Cancer; here is what he said in one of his slides:

- The disease might make the patient's life miserable or cause mortality.

- Probably about half of the patients derail the treatment.

- Unfortunately we have NEVER CURED a single patient with hormone therapy.

  • Bone metastases in prostate cancer is really for the patient the BEGINING OF THE END. Their is no CURE for the disease. This is applicable to all CANCERS , not only PROSTATE CANCER. At least we now know the truth about what conventional medicine can do or cannot do.

How can we believe such thing ? !!!

I have shown several times in my lectures some actual clinical cases such as the one I showed at the 5th International Workshop Biobran held June 2017 in Krakow Poland. You can see this lecture New Modern Way to Treat Cancer in Slideshare. At the same time I am putting in my blog a new article called:

Can Food Diet Prevent and be Efficient in Cancer Treatment”, which is a major support to any cancer protocol,

Ask for a copy of Townsend Letter special issue Cancer, August/September 2017 by contacting the Publisher or contact me directly to receive a copy of the article.


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