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How I Reverse Kidney Atrophy with Naturopathic Methods

By Serge Jurasunas

Professor of Naturopathic Oncology

During the nearly five decades of my  professional life I was confronted with all types of chronic and degenerative diseases,  but I especially dedicated myself to treating cancer patients. However kidney atrophy was included and had been a particular challenge. While the medical system was able to control symptoms and mechanisms for a time, sooner or later patients were confronted with the dialysis for the rest of their lives.

I started treating kidney atrophy early on, which reminded me of an excellent case for this article where after 38 years my patient still remains in good health. It began in 1979 when a young man of 30 years came to me for a consultation with a serious problem of kidney atrophy with high levels of uric acid, urea and albumin. His doctors told him that unless he went into dialysis immediately he would live only for about one year or a little more. A bad prognostic indeed!  At that time I was treating patients with a Naturopathic approach including hydrotherapy, detox, a cure of vegetable juice, cataplasm (poultice) of green clay, herbal teas, herbal bath and a diet with combined  with healthy food. This was one of my main protocols that I learned from Dr. Bernard Jensen at Hidden Valley Health Ranch. Colon cleansing was also very important for me since it had been used by Dr. Jensen where I could see tangible results in patients. I additionally used a wide range of supplementation to conclude my method of treatment.

However since 1972 I have been using the famous enzyme yeast cell (Zell-oxygen preparation) formulation that really boosts mitochondrial function, activates cellular respiration and increases ATP production. I had written several articles on this subject and devote a whole chapter in my new book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon.” Even today I still consider Enzyme Yeast Cells as a pillar of the Naturopathic approach to treating disease since it targets the whole body at the same time, detoxifies, regenerates and improves nutritional requirements. I considered it as one of the main keys in the treatment of chronic-degenerative diseases including of course kidney atrophy. Later on I became a specialist in Mitochondrial Medicine and one of my articles, “Oxygen, Mitochondria and Cancer”, published in the Townsend Letter is available on line from my website. If we treat the whole body mitochondria cannot be forgotten and organs like our kidneys have more mitochondria than other organs because the additional energy they need to filter out all the toxins. In this type of case we have if I may say a significant decrease in ATP production that stops the machinery from properly working.

At the time I already had started using cell therapy with which I became acquainted after traveling to Germany in 1969 and 1971. I was searching for new methods of treatment since I felt limited after all with just my knowledge of Naturopathy. When my patient told me about his kidney problem, especially about his desperation having been obliged to go on dialysis for the rest of his life, I decided to try an innovative treatment. I always work with my gut feeling and intuition and like to be thoughtful about my treatment plan.

Readers of The Townsend Letter have seen in one of my recent publications the case of a 36 year old woman suffering from Melas syndrome, which is usually fatal to the patient, being associated with a Cox 2 mutation in the mitochondria. Apparently in both medicines there was no solution.  But here again my intuitive reflection and experience guided me, where I managed to obtain remarkable results as the photos in the article had shown. But of course we are in 2017 and not 1979, yet by treating this young man back then it was truly an intuitive matter more than experience. However I felt sure I was able to do something proactive to reactivate his kidney function. So I told him yes, if you follow my naturopathic treatment you may avoid dialysis.


Application on the kidneys of a clay wrap during one hour, 3 times per week.

Special 30 min. herbal bath, 3 times per week

Half-bath (cold) for 20 min, 3 times per weeks.

Supplementation and Diet:

Enzyme yeast cell preparation, 40 ml per day.

Organic germanium (Geoxy132) coming from Asai's Institute in Tokyo.

Cellular therapy (This is the type of therapy I still use today. It really works well to regenerate the body, tissues and reverse any damage):

Kidney (organ) Rein 2 times per week i.m.

R.N.13 (ribonucleic acid from 13 different organs) i.m 2 times per week

This was a very special therapy using live cells taken from young animals and absorbed not by the blood circulation but the lymphatic circulation and it went directly only into the target organ such as the kidneys.

DNA capsule (from salmon roe)

Red Ginseng (pure ginseng)

This was followed with a special diet with an especially large intake of carrot, red beet, parsley, apple and celery juice which all have a great impact on kidney.

The patient followed this treatment for a few months, thereafter only the supplementation until 1985. This regimen included one formula, developed in my own laboratory under the brand name Apizellin,  a mixture that contains herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, biocatalysors from substances such as urtika diocia, chelidonium magus, gallium verum, calamus acorus, oxalis, anthocyanin from red beet, red ginseng, petasites officinalis, organic germanium, potassium, manganese, zinc, cobalt, vitamin B15 in total 24 substances in one ampule. Apizellin was also investigated by the Robert Bradford Institute in San Diego, California. I believe the results are still available online.


We bypassed the kidney atrophy and the man no longer needed to go on dialysis but kept consulting me frequently but with less frequency during the past year. It is interesting to mention years later his daughter came in also for a consultation with a kidney problem and her iris showed exactly the same sign in the same right kidney section of her iris.

However the patient came back for consultation in the first week of March 2017, after 7 years meaning 38 years after the first consultation with the prospect of his remaining life on dialysis, we can say yes, it was a victory over the medical system. 

Today the patient is 69 years old and still in Good health with only a slight increase in uric acid and urea, but even so this is after 38 years! 

69 Year Old Patient

Same Kidney Patient Age 31 when First Treated 38 Years Ago

Subsequently we just went back to live cell therapy and a cure of vegetable juice to prevent any worsening. The truth was also that the patient worked very hard and had always been under physical and mental stress....bad for the kidneys.

However this story reminded me of another very similar case yet a very complicated one that went back to 1981, close to the first story but with a man of 56 years, who at that time was sent to me by his medical doctor as a last resort. I remember the uric acid, urea, albumin was very, very high. His feet looked like those of an elephant with a death sentence.

Of course I treated him also with cell therapy and a very strict diet with a large intake of carrot, red beet and parsley juice while his supplementation included organic germanium, Apizellin and Enzyme Yeast Cells. At that time I developed a new therapy called “S.J Therapy”, made from my formula with various essential oils available in different ampules for different purposes, such as acting on the connective tissue, lymphatic system, capillaries, colon detoxification and also for treating a tumor. It was a multiple reflex therapy against acute-chronic and degenerative disease for which I wrote a booklet explaining this theory, “The S.J Therapy: Multiple-Reflex Therapy against Acute-Chronic and Degenerative Disease”. I worked in Germany with pharmacists specializing in the biology of cancer in a laboratory where I gained additional knowledge before we manufactured both therapies in our laboratory in Portugal.

When you work with patients as in my clinic, you require the best products possible. If you are fortunate to have your own Laboratory you will manufacture the best medications for your patients. At the time, many doctors from different countries came to my clinic to learn about my methods and the new S.J. Therapy. I also organized seminars in Orlando Florida, Miami and San Diego.

In my new book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon Featuring Prof. Jurasunas' Natural Medicine”, in the section on clinical cases you can see a photo of a group of Dutch doctors (with a boy seated on the knee of a doctor) that came in my clinic. We offer further examples of clinical cases similar to this young boy who was cured from a bad cancer.  Today after 34 years he is still coming to my clinic. This is another VICTORY without surgery and chemotherapy.

The  kidney patient was very positive and ready to do what was necessary and thank God, little by little we normalized the level of albumin, urea and uric acid. The man returned to a normal kidney function and felt revolted with a medical system that offered him nothing except a death sentence, while for him to fight for his life he needed to spend his own money since unfortunately this kind of medicine was not covered in Europe or here in Portugal by the medical health system. He subsequently sent a letter to the Prime Minster who in fact sent him back an answer saying that the letter was forwarded to the Ministry of Health which also answered him, all very unusual but polite. The answer was as follows:

We understand that this medicine has saved your life suffering from nephritis, but we recognized nothing can be done about payment. In other words if you take drugs that do not cure you, you don't pay for this or only up to 20% of the cost, but you may die. This was the system and you were entered in the statistics of incurable disease. If you wanted to live this was up to you to spend your money but not with funds from the Ministry of Health.

Since then I have kept copies of the letters sent by the patient along with the replies from both the office of the Prime Minister, and the Health dept. along with photos of the patient who afterwards had done much to help people treat themselves with other medicine than conventional medicine. He served as an example and role model for other sick people. Of course other cases come to mind where recently I was treating for the past 4 years a boy, now 8 years old, with an IGA nephropathy with active and chronic lesions. In fact he was diagnosed with a Henoch-Schonlein Pupura,  a very complicated disease that involves the skin, articulations, intestine, the nervous system and even cholesterol high as 360. He was taking cortisone as well but today the boy is just in excellent health where his photo shows him seated with his mother.

The Boy with His Mother

Four years were necessary but we managed to balance all the abnormal mechanisms, where we especially restored his kidney function offering him a better life.

Over the past 20 years I was confronted with several other similar cases with juveniles but always been able to restore kidney function. One of the substances I have used for the past 20 years is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) containing a nucleotide peptide complex composed of proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, nucleic acids, adenosine nucleotide, cytidine nucleotide and 10% DNA. This is just to mention some important substances that really work well to restore kidney function but also boost the bone marrow to produce blood cells such as in case of severe anemia or leukemia.

I remember in 2005, the case of a 26 year old young man suffering from glomerulonephritis who lost 9gr of protein per 24 hours while taking 8 gr of prednisone daily with other drugs.  He was living in France but came to see me in May while his mother was in Portugal.  We gave him a treatment of CGF, 60ml per day and 20 tablets of Sun-Chlorella. By July he lost only 7gr of protein per 24 hours. When he came to visit me in December for the Christmas Holiday his loss was only 3gr per 24 hours.  This was a real decrease of protein thanks to C.G.F. Over the past several years he has come for other treatments with me and I still see him.

In conclusion I just want to focus on saying that the Naturopathic system is really what we need when it comes to treating the whole body, utilizing all the techniques offered by nature, by healthy food, water, sun and detox, but of course we can also use live cell therapy, since in my clinic I use stem cell therapy for better results. Just by saying that kidney atrophy is not always final and the patient did not have to wait to go on dialysis means often there is a viable alternative solution. After 38 years I believe it was important that I write about this patient's story, who of course came back from time to time for a checkup, treatment and diet, which is what kept him without serious health problems for more than the past three decades.

If the reader would like further information or has any questions kindly contact the author:

Professor Serge Jurasunas

Skype: serge jurasunas

Monday, March 6, 2017

How Medicine is Bombarding Patients with Toxic Drugs without Any Scientific Basis, Diagnosis or Even Reason

Take a minute to study this photo of a 74 year old woman accompanied by her daughter who came to my clinic on July 28, 2014 with a case of stomach cancer first diagnosed in April, 2007 followed by a total ablation of the organ and sent home. According to her doctor from the Institute of Oncology, chemotherapy at this point was useless. No further advice was suggested or offered to the patient.
Everyone can easily see from the photo, the poor physical condition of the patient, not mentioning how she felt: Very weak, difficulty in walking, shaking especially from the hands, considerable difficulty in eating food and she was not even advised about any special diet. However her doctors prescribed about 20 different drugs per day for her which was nonsense, totally unscientific, useless, with too much toxicity and not adapted to her case.
This may serve to show how medicine is often out of control. Instead of suggesting the patient receive some additional support to boost the immune system such as Chinese mushroom or other supplementation, they just kept busy by prescribing more drugs, often without necessity, based upon commercial interests and not for the benefit of the patient. I can cite one exemplary case from one of my female stage IV colon cancer patients with metastases to her lungs, liver and pleura. Two years ago, according to her doctor who had given up on her, she passed the normal statistic of life expectancy for such cases, meaning she should have been dead, but today she has four more years of life extension with a good quality of life after coming to our clinic. This serves as an example from which to learn for hospital Oncologists.
This old woman felt totally disoriented, often worse after taking some of her prescriptions while wondering why she had to take them when she did not feel better and even if these medications could improve her condition. Unless you can feel for yourself empathy about how patients can suffer, you cannot practice true medicine which focuses upon what is best for a patient beyond our own medical conception. Today we find medicine is still a paradigm with cancer being viewed as a localized disease. There is a total lack of understanding in the association between the tumor and the body’s defense system, especially the relationship between the immune system and homeostasis.  This is a total ignorance about how to restore a debilitated body from the consequences of chemotherapy and how immuno-nutrition can be so helpful.
Lately, several alerts have been launched about the abuse of pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, most of them toxic without efficacy, showing how Big Pharma manipulates our society. Recently several good books written by medical doctors are alerting readers how we are manipulated. In the USA new statistics show that about 240,000 to 280,000 people die every year from the adverse effects of prescription drugs.
But what is really tragic here is the fact that an old woman was totally abandoned by the modern medical system. While we agreed that at this point chemotherapy was useless, she had been prescribed unnecessarily drugs that made her worse while her family had to search for themselves how to prepare a proper diet that may be difficult for them to provide. Medical doctors are usually ignorant about nutrition, unless they choose to study on their own.  In a recent article published in a major daily newspaper in Portugal called, “Immuno-Oncology” by the director of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology it said that Oncologists are still ignorant about the immune system and even more so about diet which in fact they don’t believe will help.
I worked on her case by building a special liquefied food diet, based upon my own experience and recipes which I had used for such cases over the past 50 years, together with some liquid supplementation necessary to nourish her body involving digestion. You can find considerable information, recipes and vegetable juice cocktails in my new book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon Featuring Professor Jurasunas’ Natural Medicine”. I felt sure that in a couple of weeks the patient would start to feel better after I removed all the pharmaceutical drugs, except one for her blood pressure and another for her heart, which now made 2 drugs instead of 20.
Today I continue to feel strongly that something must be done about this type of situation, even though we face many other unacceptable similar situations for which our medical system needs to take action. Such patients often suffer from adverse effects ranging from medium to strong, sometimes fatal while others develop a peripheral neuropathy with total paralysis where I have often seen such cases coming to my clinic in wheelchair. They are then sent home without any further treatment, social or financial help. Sadly this includes not only adults but children as well. On our side we are the ones who devote our lives to helping these people in several directions including psychological support. In such cases I often offer free treatment since we need some compassion for these poor people.
I do hope that the public and patients will become more sensitive to these problems by refusing to take unnecessary drugs as is often the case today and open their minds to what is best for them to help and seek for some kind of alternative to toxic drugs that lead to nowhere other than by further damaging the body.
You get more benefit in such cases by taking for example, Chlorella Growth Factor that boosts the production of blood cells, activates the immune cells and especially helps the mitochondria to synthetize more ATP energy. Many other natural compounds and modern homoeopathic preparations can be substituted for unnecessary toxic drugs. Even pains can be managed with natural medications such as snake venom extract, which is an old therapy that I have used for over 30 years to reduce or eliminate pain among other actions.
Conventional medicine takes the view that, ``Oncology is absolutely  a necessity in our modern society,” however it really needs some change and cannot continue to play the game of Big Pharma that only sees colossal profits instead of better health and longer life for patients. The first book that alerted people was, “The Cancer Industry,” by Ralph W. Moss PhD., published in 1996. I suggest everyone read this book. Ralph Moss spent all his life studying the politics of cancer, cancer treatment on both sides and informing people about the results or his work. I met Ralph Moss when we spoke at the same congress on Complementary Oncology in Munich.
Please send this message to all your friends, relatives, doctors, Naturopathy colleges and clinics so we may try to change things for the better and patients may receive better care, compassionate kindness and consideration from their doctors.
Dr. Serge Jurasunas