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Cancer of the Ovary

This is the case of a 55-year-old woman diagnosed in 2016 with a cancer of the ovary followed by surgery, chemotherapy, and remission. However, in August  2018 the patient had a newly detected recurrence with lesions to the liver and peritoneum.

Her scan showed 4 lesions to her liver along with abdominal lesions. One lesion was localized between the thorax wall and the right lobe of the liver. The patient was subjected to a new chemotherapy regimen that November, but because of side effects and an episode of anaphylactic shock, her chemotherapy was postponed.

The patient came to my clinic in December 2018 looking for an alternative. She was not feeling very good, had lost weight, her appetite and felt desperate. The CA 125 was low at 11.5 and CA 15.3.13. However,  this differs with each patient and I have seen pancreatic cancer with low CA.19.9 and in other very highly activated cases.

After discussion and her hospital records she brought together with the scan, I saw an opportunity to prescribe my protocol that targets cancer in especially 3 main directions also known as the hallmarks of cancer.

1- Apoptosis

2- Angiogenesis

3- Immune system

Of course, we also had to reduce inflammation, for example, Nuclear Factor-Kappa B and Cox 2 activity.


Biobran: 3 gr. per day

Liquid curcumin: 4500 Mg. per day

C-Statin: (plant extract, a potent angiogenesis inhibitor).

6 capsules per day according to your physician)

Melatonin: 3 gr. per day

Enzyme yeast cell preparation (Zell-Oxygen): 60ml per day. (1)

The patient followed the treatment until April 2019, whereupon a new scan showed major improvement, elimination of the lesions and the image together with the comment on the Scan indicated no sign of malignancy. This was a remarkable result in a short period of time. 


The result obtained in this case was definitively in favor of my protocol with the compilation of the Natural Compounds and synergistic effect of Biobran and Curcuma and the targeting effect on angiogenesis with the product C-Statin made from field bindweed that contains the proteoglycan molecule. Previously I had used during nearly a 15 year period frozen liquid cartilage extract which had a strong efficacy, but it became over time more difficult to import quantities of the frozen liquid from Canada ( now US). this is why I am now using C-Statin in my protocol since I have observed upon several occasions the strong efficacy on angiogenesis such as inhibition of VEGF. More recently in a case of an aggressive breast cancer with a 5cm wide tumor that reduced to 13mm after a little over three months taking my treatment. So this case really shows how a tumor should be targeted.

Of course, the patient must continue to take the treatment during the coming months, but here we have already demonstrated that selected natural compounds may have anticancer properties, have shown their efficacy with synergistic effect and especially have no toxic effect. The treatment was accompanied with an anti-cancer 
diet (2).

My new book, “CANCER TREATMENT BREAKTHROUGH, Immuno-Oncology Using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound” offers all the details about Biobran and my cancer protocol including an illustrated chapter on the synergistic effects of Biobran and Curcumin to reduce fast tumor growth. A whole chapter is included on clinical cases. The book is to soon be published in the US  and should be available by September/Oct 2019. If you want to be informed of the publication date, please contact me directly.

(1)-  Serge Jurasunas, “The Clinical Evidence of Cellular Respiration.” - Available online

(2)- Serge Jurasunas, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon, Featuring Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine.”

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