Monday, March 6, 2017

How Medicine is Bombarding Patients with Toxic Drugs without Any Scientific Basis, Diagnosis or Even Reason

Take a minute to study this photo of a 74 year old woman accompanied by her daughter who came to my clinic on July 28, 2014 with a case of stomach cancer first diagnosed in April, 2007 followed by a total ablation of the organ and sent home. According to her doctor from the Institute of Oncology, chemotherapy at this point was useless. No further advice was suggested or offered to the patient.
Everyone can easily see from the photo, the poor physical condition of the patient, not mentioning how she felt: Very weak, difficulty in walking, shaking especially from the hands, considerable difficulty in eating food and she was not even advised about any special diet. However her doctors prescribed about 20 different drugs per day for her which was nonsense, totally unscientific, useless, with too much toxicity and not adapted to her case.
This may serve to show how medicine is often out of control. Instead of suggesting the patient receive some additional support to boost the immune system such as Chinese mushroom or other supplementation, they just kept busy by prescribing more drugs, often without necessity, based upon commercial interests and not for the benefit of the patient. I can cite one exemplary case from one of my female stage IV colon cancer patients with metastases to her lungs, liver and pleura. Two years ago, according to her doctor who had given up on her, she passed the normal statistic of life expectancy for such cases, meaning she should have been dead, but today she has four more years of life extension with a good quality of life after coming to our clinic. This serves as an example from which to learn for hospital Oncologists.
This old woman felt totally disoriented, often worse after taking some of her prescriptions while wondering why she had to take them when she did not feel better and even if these medications could improve her condition. Unless you can feel for yourself empathy about how patients can suffer, you cannot practice true medicine which focuses upon what is best for a patient beyond our own medical conception. Today we find medicine is still a paradigm with cancer being viewed as a localized disease. There is a total lack of understanding in the association between the tumor and the body’s defense system, especially the relationship between the immune system and homeostasis.  This is a total ignorance about how to restore a debilitated body from the consequences of chemotherapy and how immuno-nutrition can be so helpful.
Lately, several alerts have been launched about the abuse of pharmaceutical drug prescriptions, most of them toxic without efficacy, showing how Big Pharma manipulates our society. Recently several good books written by medical doctors are alerting readers how we are manipulated. In the USA new statistics show that about 240,000 to 280,000 people die every year from the adverse effects of prescription drugs.
But what is really tragic here is the fact that an old woman was totally abandoned by the modern medical system. While we agreed that at this point chemotherapy was useless, she had been prescribed unnecessarily drugs that made her worse while her family had to search for themselves how to prepare a proper diet that may be difficult for them to provide. Medical doctors are usually ignorant about nutrition, unless they choose to study on their own.  In a recent article published in a major daily newspaper in Portugal called, “Immuno-Oncology” by the director of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology it said that Oncologists are still ignorant about the immune system and even more so about diet which in fact they don’t believe will help.
I worked on her case by building a special liquefied food diet, based upon my own experience and recipes which I had used for such cases over the past 50 years, together with some liquid supplementation necessary to nourish her body involving digestion. You can find considerable information, recipes and vegetable juice cocktails in my new book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon Featuring Professor Jurasunas’ Natural Medicine”. I felt sure that in a couple of weeks the patient would start to feel better after I removed all the pharmaceutical drugs, except one for her blood pressure and another for her heart, which now made 2 drugs instead of 20.
Today I continue to feel strongly that something must be done about this type of situation, even though we face many other unacceptable similar situations for which our medical system needs to take action. Such patients often suffer from adverse effects ranging from medium to strong, sometimes fatal while others develop a peripheral neuropathy with total paralysis where I have often seen such cases coming to my clinic in wheelchair. They are then sent home without any further treatment, social or financial help. Sadly this includes not only adults but children as well. On our side we are the ones who devote our lives to helping these people in several directions including psychological support. In such cases I often offer free treatment since we need some compassion for these poor people.
I do hope that the public and patients will become more sensitive to these problems by refusing to take unnecessary drugs as is often the case today and open their minds to what is best for them to help and seek for some kind of alternative to toxic drugs that lead to nowhere other than by further damaging the body.
You get more benefit in such cases by taking for example, Chlorella Growth Factor that boosts the production of blood cells, activates the immune cells and especially helps the mitochondria to synthetize more ATP energy. Many other natural compounds and modern homoeopathic preparations can be substituted for unnecessary toxic drugs. Even pains can be managed with natural medications such as snake venom extract, which is an old therapy that I have used for over 30 years to reduce or eliminate pain among other actions.
Conventional medicine takes the view that, ``Oncology is absolutely  a necessity in our modern society,” however it really needs some change and cannot continue to play the game of Big Pharma that only sees colossal profits instead of better health and longer life for patients. The first book that alerted people was, “The Cancer Industry,” by Ralph W. Moss PhD., published in 1996. I suggest everyone read this book. Ralph Moss spent all his life studying the politics of cancer, cancer treatment on both sides and informing people about the results or his work. I met Ralph Moss when we spoke at the same congress on Complementary Oncology in Munich.
Please send this message to all your friends, relatives, doctors, Naturopathy colleges and clinics so we may try to change things for the better and patients may receive better care, compassionate kindness and consideration from their doctors.
Dr. Serge Jurasunas

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