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5th Biobran Workshop June 9-11, 2017 in Krakow Poland

About the 5th Biobran Workshop June 9-11, 2017 in Krakow, Poland

I am happy to participate in this workshop having been kindly invited to present some of my work and results in the field of cancer, using a protocol in which we include Biobran. In treating cancer patients I focus on 3 main directions that I am going to speak about in my lecture. Of course it is not the first time I have delivered seminars about Biobran, such as one I presented to the University of Vilnius-Faculty of medicine in Budapest as well as one in England. Biobran is a old story since I have been using this excellent compound for over 20 years. My friend Mr. Toshi Uchiyamada is the director of Biobran (DHD Europe) in Europe and through him I became acquainted with many new anticancer agents developed in Japan.


These are the 3 main hallmarks of cancer. For instance P53 mutation appears necessary in many types of cancer, where without building blood vessels a tumor can't exist.

Biobran which is a compound made from modified rice bran cultivated on enzymes of shitake mycelia mushroom have some anticancer properties but especially when taken orally the Natural Killer cells are quickly activated that in turn become cytotoxic to cancer cells destroying them via apoptosis. I am most interested, in light of all the reports that lately have been published about Biobran, that it not only increasingly activates most of the immune cells, but when prescribed together with curcumin it work in synergy to increase the ratio BcL2/Bax, and then increases apoptosis resulting in the death of cancer cells.

This is a brief synopsis of what I am going to present in my lecture and I will show some cases of cancer patients treated according to the 3 hallmarks of cancer I am speaking about, showing scans, and a bone scan before and after with some really impressive results. Also if you see the program you'll notice the participation of several progressive Oncologists that will be so happy to meet and discuss this topic, especially my colleague and friend Dr. Joseph Brenner coming from Israel. He directs a clinic of Integrative medicine, having been in the past the Chief of Oncology in a hospital. What is interesting about Dr. Brenner is that he also was himself a victim of cancer and wrote a excellent book, “Living Without Cancer”, a real Bible for Oncologists. Dr. Joseph Brenner is a very modest man who came to Lisbon to meet me to learn some of my work in cancer, which should be the opposite of what most oncologists practice, but it really give me some strength.

Oncologists really need to change their paradigm of treating cancer and about which we will show a slide with a figure of my conception of a new paradigm. Lately we assisted in the international publication of articles in several countries speaking of a new revolution to treat cancer via the immune system, which is not really new for us, but it also shows the field of Oncology is really still searching for some effective treatment. This is what we are doing sine few decades and with Biobran for the past two decades. Too many cancer patients are dying, too many are suffering, too many are under disease recurrence, which emphasizes that Oncologists cannot close the door to other medicines which according to them are unproven and even dangerous. What about chemotherapy?? What about the patients who died not having any results with chemotherapy? Something must be done and anyone interested especially doctors working with cancer, particularly those working with chemotherapy should come to this workshop and meet me along with other colleagues like Dr. Joseph Brenner.

Conference Speakers and Topics (See contact information below) :

Speakers Topic
Saturday June 10, 2017
Prof. Tibor Hajto, Ph.D., Immuno-Oncologist,  Hungary A standardized plant immunomodulator containing Pathogenic Associated Molecular Pattern (PAMP)-like structure (Arabinoxylan in Biobran) shows evidence based benefit in tumor therapy.
Prof. Dr. Med. Rupert Handgretinger, Oncologist, Germany Harnessing Natural Killer (NK) Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
Prof. Dr. Hegyi Gabriella MD, PhD, President of Hungarian Biophysical Association for Doctors, Hungary “ Biophysical Association for Doctors Controlled pilot study for cancer patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome due to chemotherapy treated with BioBran (MGN-3-Arabinoxylan) and Targeted Radiofrequency Heat therapy”
Prof. Serge Jurasunas N.D. M.D. (Hom), Oncologist, Portugal New Modern Way to Approach Cancer
Dr. Joseph Brenner, M.D., Oncologist, Israel  “Combining Biobran and Hyperthermia in the Treatment of Cancer Patients”
Juliet Hayward, BA(Hons), MA, DNN Nutritional Therapist , United Kingdom  To Be Announced
 Prof. Basant Puri, M.D. Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, UK Lyme Borreliosis : Aspects of a Trial of Biobran MGN-3 in this Disease
Dr. Ctidar Mokras, M.D. on his behalf Monika Ebertova “Overview of the ongoing small clinical trial with BioBran in HPV patients” 

Important CONTACTS:

Accommodation:  ANDEL‘S BY VIENNA HOUSE CRACOW | ul. Pawia 3 | 31-154 Cracow | Poland | www.viennahouse.com | +48 12 660 02 40


·  Monika Ebertova (monika@dhdeurope.com) 00421 910 944572

·  Dr. Serge Jurasunas ( sergejurasunas@hotmail.com)

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