Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Read My New Article Published in The Townsend Letter, August/September 2017

The Molecular basis of Prostate Cancer and Targeting

I have spent nearly 10 year investigating the P53 tumor suppressor and other apoptotic players followed by the clinical application of molecular markers by testing cancer patients before and after treatment based upon various protocols that I have researched.

We know that cancer is a disease of the cell cycle and involves a myriad of genes that have lost their control, are activated or suppressed leading to uncontrolled proliferation and later on to cells that do not die from apoptosis becoming cancer cells. Today I am well acquainted with the P53 tumor suppressor gene, our most important apoptotic gene but also the one most subject to mutation that occurs in over 50% of all cancers. In my clinic we mostly treat cancer patients and whenever possible we perform a complete molecular markers testing profile that includes P53, Bax ,BcL2, Survivin gene expression (the ones I am speaking about in this article) which offer real scientific evidence concerning the therapeutic effect and result from the applied treatment meaning the different compounds such the ones I propose in my article for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Metastatic prostate cancer is not always a fatality and incurable as claimed by conventional Oncology.
This is an excerpt from a lecture given by a medical doctor on Prostate Cancer; here is what he said in one of his slides:

- The disease might make the patient's life miserable or cause mortality.

- Probably about half of the patients derail the treatment.

- Unfortunately we have NEVER CURED a single patient with hormone therapy.

  • Bone metastases in prostate cancer is really for the patient the BEGINING OF THE END. Their is no CURE for the disease. This is applicable to all CANCERS , not only PROSTATE CANCER. At least we now know the truth about what conventional medicine can do or cannot do.

How can we believe such thing ? !!!

I have shown several times in my lectures some actual clinical cases such as the one I showed at the 5th International Workshop Biobran held June 2017 in Krakow Poland. You can see this lecture New Modern Way to Treat Cancer in Slideshare. At the same time I am putting in my blog a new article called:

Can Food Diet Prevent and be Efficient in Cancer Treatment”, which is a major support to any cancer protocol,

Ask for a copy of Townsend Letter special issue Cancer, August/September 2017 by contacting the Publisher or contact me directly to receive a copy of the article.


Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/sheldonstein

Townsend Letter: www.Townsendletter.com

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