Monday, October 16, 2017

The Need for Education in Food Prevention Against Cancer and as a Support During Treatment

During the past 50 years I have been treating all types of diseases, all types and grades of cancer, engaged in extensive research and study, developed various types of innovative therapies and created different food diets to include for chemotherapy patients. I have also spent considerable time educating people especially women in the field of cancer prevention. I can speak from my long experience and obervation of what specialized nutritional food diet can do for cancer patients as well as for the prevention of cancer. One of my oldest cancer patients an 86 year old lady, was diagnosed with leukemia and also breast cancer 43 years ago,continues to visit me for consultation. Another case with cancer of both breasts who originally came to visit me 28 years ago, came to see me about one week ago for a check up. Long term remission is also an important victory when you know how to follow a good food diet.

Today more than ever their is a urgent need to be more educated about what food can do at the level of cancer prevention since cancer disease continuesto rise , yet the medical community has no answer to give us. Some recent news stipulates that 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women in US were diagnosed in 2017 and 40,610 people were expected to die from this disease the same year. Not mentioning about 63,410 cases this year of carcinoma in situ with abnormal cells that may be an early form of cancer.

Therefore I have published a very interesting document about food diet in cancer prevention and treatment of cancer but being too long for the blog it is available on slideshare. Also if someone would like to have the complete article, he can always contact me, or send any question to: .


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